Fonexsis presents: first full school of Swybrid Picking (Sweep/hybrid) technique! SWYBRID PICKING is a guitar method of sound production that combines hybrid picking, sweep picking, alternate picking and sometimes legato. Sweep picking is a method that allows guitarists to play exercises rapidly by picking two or more strings in the same direction (up or down) with a single stroke. Hybrid picking is a guitar method that involves picking with a pick and one or more fingers alternately or simultaneously. Alternate picking is a guitar playing method that employs strictly alternating down and up picking strokes in a continuous run. Legato method is playing musical phrases with predominantly hammer-ons or pull-offs instead of picking.

To date, swybrid picking technique is the latest achievement in the field of guitar art. If you want to surprise with your sparkling technique ANY PROFESSIONAL GUITARIST - that is what you need! What are some broken arpeggio or broken pentatonic! With this technique you can perform broken arpeggios which are often found in classical music, especially Paganini. This technique is suitable for all music styles that use a pick. Musicians like Tosin Abasi, Brett Garsed, Tom Quayle etc. use similar technique.

Exercises included:

● Guitar Tunings
● Base Licks
● Diatonic Sequences
● Neo-classic Sequences
● Diatonic Scales Sequences
● Mixolydian Mixing Technique
● Tetratonic Mode Sequences
● Pentatonic Mode Sequences
● Pentatonic Mixing Technique
● Polytonic Sequences
● Hybrid Blues Sequences
● Whole-tone Mode & Arpeggio Sequences
● Augmented Mode & Arpeggio Sequences
● Diminished Mode & Arpeggio Sequences
● Dominant Diminished Sequences
● Dominant Diminished Mixing Technique
● Chromatic Sequences
● Arpeggio Exercises
● Bitonal Arpeggio Sequences
● Rolled Chords Exercises
● Modal Sequences
● Quartal Sequences
● Finger Lock Sequences
● Skipping Strings Sequences
● Modes 4 Note Per String
Total: 548 exercises

App features:

● Every exercise is provided with corresponding optimal fingering
● Every exercise is provided with a sequence of strokes, showing you necessary strokes for every note of the exercise. These strokes (pick up, pick down, pull-off, hammer on, slide) are provided to help you to achieve high speed performance. Please read the info page inside this application for detailed description on every stroke.
● Two guitar sound banks (Acoustic and Distortion) to select
● Voice helper function helps you in learning by speaking the strokes during playback in slow tempo and when in Step mode
● Step-by-step note playback in both directions for more detailed learning or exercises
● Metrotone feature with adjustable tempo and bell sound, includes different measures
● Harmony feature: you can see and listen to the chords, over which a current exercise can be played. This feature can be switched off when it is unnecessary. You can also use given chord progressions for your compositions.
● Six selectable harmony timbres to choose from
● Stereo Chorus FX for harmony chords at your choice
● Reverb FX for guitar sounds
● Master Tune option
● Designed for both iPhone and iPad
● iPhone X support
● Guitar Driller integration support

Note: please don't forget to launch this app at least one time to make it available in Guitar Driller's "My Content" list.

● All Fonexsis apps are supported by free updates!


Version 3.3

- new exercises added to library;
- minor improvements and bug fixes.

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