Bash Prompt Designer 4+

Chunlei Yang

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Bash Prompt Designer
This app is a WYSIWYG editor for designing Bash prompt script. It provides common tools to design colors and styles that are applicable to Bash prompt. The generated script is applicable to most Bash implementations found both in macOS and various Linux distros. Yes, you read it right - it is not designed for macOS only.

Tools description:
• Text color: There are two toolbar lists that you can utilize to apply foreground/background colors to Bash prompt text.
• Text styles: These two buttons make text bold or underlined.
• Paste: You can paste existing Bash prompt script into the design view and the designer will automatically convert the script to visual colors and styles.
• Script Generation: Click on this button at anytime to generate Bash prompt script; then you can paste the generated script to your .bashrc file.

This app is both helpful to Bash experts and novices. If you have any suggestions regarding this app, please send feedback to


版本 1.0.6

*FIXED: minor issues on macOS Catalina.

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