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Serge Kotov

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This is an adaptive application for those who are looking for a program as their intellectual companion for a long time. Helius’ designed to evolve with human intelligence, it changes to your abilities and motivates you to achieve more by offering a variety of tasks in logic, creative thinking, perception, memory, motoric skills, and more.

It’s unlikely that you can complete all of the program tasks, will get ready for a long-term friendship: Helius’ adapts with you; new challenges lie ahead, and discoveries after them. Like humans, Helius’ sometimes sleeps, but even at this time, there are changes inside.

Helius’ is emotional and attentive to everything that happens. This is a program that is interesting to a person, his actions and decisions. Without communication, it goes away ...

This application is for those who are ready to accept for themselves that the program can have its own intelligence and the ability to make decisions. Therefore, don’t try to find a menu with program settings. Helius’ independently draws conclusions that you really need, and sometimes asks you. Helius’ isn’t interested in your name, your social interests, and contacts, Helius’ doesn’t collect or send data to the outside world from your device. What is really interesting it’s your personal abilities, because it’s with them that the capabilities and intelligence of the application itself grow.

Helius’ follows the natural rhythms of the northern and southern hemispheres, so don’t forget to approve geolocation, so that the times of sunrise-sunset and some decisions correspond to where you’re now!

Helius' now includes 50+ unique and well-known classic games and puzzles, the collection grows in almost every new version of the application.

The particular Game Center multiplayer mode designed to play short sessions with 2 - 5 players. The level of complexity for a multiplayer game is related to the most advanced player.

Welcome to the strange world of Helius’


> How often is it better to play?

We recommend playing and studying new features weekly.

> No instructions beyond the intro mode

Yes, no instructions, detailed explanations, menus, and ordinary “tap-to-success” patterns. This app is not suitable for hyper-casual gaming, this app is designed for thinkers. All you need can be understood from the context. We also minimize text messages in the app.

> Time breaks

This is a very important concept. Helius’ is designed as a living organism and as all creatures have time for sleep. What do you think, why?

> No verbal tasks

Verbal puzzles and games are closely related to the cultural context and personal experience. In Helius’ world even children 4+ can play and improve their abilities.

> Game Center

All achievements, scoring and leaderboards based on the Apple Game Center. To unlock all features of the app outside of the intro mode a connection to the Apple Game Center is required. We do not have servers and do not collect any user data.

> Game of the Day mode

This is an intro game mode where a new game is offered every day. The total number of games grows after the successful ending of every Helius' world games season.

> Helius' world games seasons

Four times a year on the equinoxes and solstices, people gather for a game to prove best abilities.
There are six abilities and each has a dedicated tribe.
Everyone chooses a tribe |and represents himself and his tribe.
The best half is going to raise the next level.
Learn the story of abilities and choose your tribe.


Version 5.5

+ new text based game in the Helius' collection
+ few improvements with session mechanics
+ few improvements for visual appearance

Bewertungen und Rezensionen

1,0 von 5
3 Bewertungen

3 Bewertungen

Loser2099 ,

Was zum Teufel?

Was für ein Brett-Spiel in dem man würfelt mit Mini-Tests ist das. Ohne irgendwelche Erklärungen oder Ziele ist es ein Test und kein Spiel was Aufmerksamkeit bekommen sollte.
Spielt lieber Spiele, die einem Spaß machen.
Die verwirrende und Glückszahlen (siehe Würfel) basierende Struktur macht es wirklich nicht zu etwas spielen werten.

1 Stern von mir

Nuka Kola ,


Very poorly designed, both visually and logically. No fun at all. Does not keep your interest at all. Don’t bother even considering.


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  • Game Center

    Freund:innen herausfordern und Bestenlisten und Erfolge aufrufen.

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