Scriptable is an automation tool that enables you to write scripts that integrates with native features of iOS such as files, calendars, reminders, documents and much more.

An extensive support for Siri Shortcuts enables you to present images, tables and more in Siri as well as making Siri read out loud a text when you run a script from a Siri Shortcut.

Your scripts can be run from the Scriptable app, from a Siri Shortcut or from other apps using the share sheet extensive or Scriptable’s URL schemes.

Here’s a few examples of scripts you could create:

- Ask Siri whether a web service is down.
- Postpone the next event in your calendar half an hour.
- Check what is currently on TV.
- Manage a list of movies you would like to watch.
- Upload files to an image optimizer and store a URL to the optimized image.
- Receive a notification with the weather report every morning.
- Create todos with prefilled data in your favorite todo app using URL schemes.

Features include:

- Write and run JavaScript.
- Auto complete of variable names, functions, keywords and properties as you type.
- Access lots of native iOS features from your JavaScript code, including managing files, calendars, reminders, contacts, photos, location, pasteboard, web views and more.
- Extensive support for Siri Shortcuts enabling you to present images, tables, websites, HTML and more in Siri as well as making Siri read out loud a text.
- Support for input and output parameters in Siri Shortcuts.
- Easily schedule rich notifications to run your scripts periodically.
- Work with files and directories from third party apps using File Bookmarks.
- Synchronise scripts to all of your devices using iCloud Drive.
- Scripts are stored as plain JavaScript files and can be browsed using the Files app.
- Assign one of over 800 glyphs and a color to a script to easily identify it in your directory of scripts.
- Run scripts directly on your Home screen using widgets.
- Run a script by 3D touching the app icon.
- Run a script from a share sheet and process the inputs.
- Schedule notifications and run a script directly from a notification.
- URL schemes enabling you to run scripts from other apps.
- Support for x-callback-url enabling advanced integration with other apps that support x-callback-url.
- Export and share scripts.
- Example scripts helping you get started creating your own scripts.
- Extensive documentation for all the native APIs you can use in your scripts. Available offline in the app and online on
- View the documentation in a separate window on iPad.
- Support for dark mode.
- Customise the editor to your liking.


Version 1.5.3

- Bugfix: Sometimes UI wouldn't be shown when presented from a script running in the action extension.
- Bugfix: Providing corner radii larger than half the width or height when calling addRoundedRect() would cause the app to crash.
- Bugfix: Sometimes multiline texts wouldn't respect the alignment in a widget.

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Bastian I. ,


Actually just as legal as any app you'd make yourself as you can make illegal tools in it, choice is yours!

well what can i say ,

Really cool app

This app helps me a lot. I use it to code on the go. It works awesomely with JavaScript it even console.logs(‘ the results ‘).

Juytrey ,

Virker ikke på min iPhone

Crasher hele tiden

Svar fra udvikler ,


Det lyder ikke godt! Hvis du sender en e-mail til med informationer om hvilken enhed du kører appen på og hvornår den crasher, så vil jeg meget gerne kigge nærmere på det.


Simon Stovring
19.6 MB

Kræver iOS 14.0 eller en nyere version. Kompatibel med iPhone, iPad og iPod touch.


Dansk, Arabisk, Engelsk, Finsk, Hebraisk, Hollandsk, Italiensk, Japansk, Kinesisk, Koreansk, Malaysisk, Norsk - bokmål, Portugisisk, Russisk, Spansk, Svensk, Thailandsk, Tyrkisk, Tysk

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