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This App is created to help you PASS the Acupuncture Licensing Exam: in the USA: the CALE: California Acupuncture Licensing Exam and the National Exam; as well as licensing exams in Canada, Europe and other countries. Although exam format may be different in each country, the TCM concepts in acupuncture, herbs, foundation, diagnosis and formulas are the same.

If you can score 75% on the practice exam within 90 minutes, you have mastered the knowledge and skills to pass the exam.

This app is designed to highlight key points that may appear on the exams and also summarize points that are not explicitly explained in text books. For example, the sequence of channels & points starting from the center line at the front: Ren17, Kid23, ST17, PC1, SP18, GB23, GB22; Asthma: deficiency case use UB13, excess case use Ding Chuan; the 2 extra meridians that cross point GB20 are Yang Qiao and Yang Wei; the common herbs in Wu Ling San and Zhu Ling Tang are Fu Ling, Zhu Ling and Ze Xie; Yang Ming Channel vs. Yang Ming Fu Organ disease: the key differentiating point is that Yang Ming Fu Organ disease has constipation because heat binds with stools and Yang Ming Channel disease doesn’t.

Basically we turn your smart phone into an electronic flash card device to make it possible for you to study for the Acupuncture Licensing Exams whenever and wherever you like.
Lots of materials are FREE (about 30% of each category is FREE) and you can also purchase the full version whenever you see the value of this app. Donation is appreciated and will be used towards growing organic herbs for Acupuncture and TCM practitioners.

This app can minimize your studying time and increase your chance of PASSING the Acupuncture Licensing Exams.
We welcome feedback, so we can further improve this app for you.

Best wishes and Good Luck on your exam!


Version 1.3

This app has been updated by Apple to display the Apple Watch app icon.

Version 1.3 fixed the problems on the Practice Exam category. For some devices such as iphone 7, version 1.2 had issues such as missing answer choices D for some questions and on the explanation area, the comma or period is missing, so two words attached to each other and it is a little confusing for students. Please feel free to give us feedback, so we can further improve this app for you. It is a challenge to have a perfect app without continuous updating our codes to match future devices. Please accept our apologies if you come across any problem with this app. We will do our best to fix them.

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