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A music sequencer reimagined with multiple playheads.

"How Bach would have made a sequencer." (Create Digital Music)
"A musical feat." (Creator's Project)
"A new approach to sequencing." (XLR8R)
"A next generation music sequencer." (Ask Audio)

FUGUE MACHINE is a tool inspired by composition techniques used in Baroque music and Serialism — e.g. Bach’s canons and fugues, and Schoenberg’s twelve-tone technique. The idea was to design a tool to manipulate a melody’s speed, direction, and pitch, as well as play multiple variations of the melody simultaneously.

As it turned out, the best implementation for this was to reimagine one of the most fundamental building blocks of all music sequencers: the piano roll.

FUGUE MACHINE is the world’s first multi-playhead piano roll. Create a music sequence and play it back with up to four playheads at once — each at various speeds, directions, pitches, and more. Watch the playheads dance, and hear the complex patterns that emerge.

It’s mesmerizing.

Fugue Machine supports iPhone, iPad, MIDI, AUv3 MIDI, Ableton Link, Audiobus, Audiobus 3 MIDI, and Inter-App Audio.


Version 1.5.16

Fugue Machine 1.5 — iPhone support, AUv3 support, more scales, piano roll gesture improvements, and more. See 1.5.0 Version History for more info.

iOS 13 caused a few UI issues in the More Menu. All fixed now.

The new position no longer blocks the bottom toolbar buttons or the transpose control, making Fugue Machine more playable when the menu is open.

Notes et avis

4.6 sur 5
32 notes

32 notes

Kaloli77 ,

Presque parfait

Il manque à mon goût une fonction random qui permettrait de lire les notes de façon aléatoire comme le font d’autres séquenceurs sinon c’est une bonne application bien suivie par son concepteur qui fait des mises à jour régulièrement .

Stephane Busso ,

Belle mise à jour

Application sympathique qui vient de voir une mise à jour qui apporte un lot très intéressant de fonctionnalités comme le auv3 midi et support iPhone , rien que ca!

Franzmimm ,

Application parfaite

Excellente application très intuitive et créative permettant aussi de piloter des instruments externes ou bien avec Audiobus... un régal !

Je voudrais aussi faire part du sérieux du développeur que j'avais contacté et qui m'a répondu aimablement dès le lendemain.

Réponse du développeur ,

Hi and thanks for the review :] I just want to clarify, that this is expected behavior, and that all parameters in the app (including a playhead's play button) are quantized. That is, they are designed to change values at beat related times.

So to use it in its intended way...
1. Tap-down on the playhead's play button, but don't release your finger.
2. Note that the playhead does not start playing, but is waiting for you to release the control.
3. Release your finger just "before" the moment you want it to start.

The playhead will then start at exactly the right moment — i.e. the next quantization tick. You can also change the quantization grid in Settings to set the rate at which parameters can change.

I hope this helps, and if you have any more thoughts or questions, please feel free to email me at

All the best,


Alexander Randon
10.1 Mo

Nécessite iOS 11.0 ou une version ultérieure. Compatible avec l’iPhone, l’iPad et l’iPod touch.



5,49 €

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