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Are you struggling with chords for your track?
Get inspired and start writing chords like a pro with Navichord. Navichord is a musical instrument and a songwriting tool making music theory a breeze.

Create lush chord progressions.
Loop progressions in sync with other apps.
Trigger chords from your MIDI footswitch.

Join thousands of happy producers all over the world. #1 music app in 23 countries.

"Excellent iOS chord and harmony exploration app."

"Top iOS MIDI Performance App"

"Killer iOS Music App"


• Play simple chords (minor, major) with one finger from any root
• Play complex chords (sevenths, ninths) with just two or three fingers from any root
• Play 28 musical scales from any key
• Compose easily with Roman numeral chord names
• Use the same chord shape for any root
• Discover interesting chord progressions
• Find chords matching a melody
• Find a melody matching chords
• Learn chord structure from the piano keyboard and play along
• Quick save discovered chords to chord pads
• Save chord progressions
• Find chords matching selected scale

Ableton Link:
• Loop progressions in sync with many apps supporting Ableton Link

Audiobus and Inter App Audio:
• Record to GarageBand, Loopy, Beatmaker 2 and many more

MIDI support:
• Connect to soft synths via virtual MIDI (Animoog, Thumbjam, Magellan, Sampletank and many more)
• Connect to hardware synths and external keyboards
• Send MIDI control messages from keys and pads


"The update to version 2.0 just made this an almost new app in terms of functionality. Everything from the pad layouts, scales, new graphics to the sounds work together really well. Also, the new sounds are really, really good (great strings and choir samples). IMHO that this app just quadrupled in value with this free update." - Music-311

"Thanks for such an awesome app, I love that it lets you intuitively visualize and experiment with a "Tonnetz" layout, and better understand Neo-Riemannian theory - as such, Navichord is the perfect gateway from abstract, heady harmony concepts to immediate and practical music being played- a priceless possibility! And it looks beautiful and the tones are great, to boot" - RepentHarlequin73

"This is really a nice, simple, clean app. I love the way you laid out the UI and I especially like that single notes can be tapped first and then dragged seamlessly between notes to produce the chord, then back to another single note if desired. For what it's worth, here are five stars... ***** This app will replace several other more expensive "chord progression lab" apps that I own because I think it's UI design is excellent and perfect for my needs." - ZenLizard

"Find using the harmonic grid more intuitive than a piano keyboard, being able to press in the middle of three circles to get major and minor chords is genius. Experimenting with chord patterns and having the chord name at the top and the root and other keys displayed on the keyboard, is helping me get my head around more complex chords." - mister-rz

"Downloaded the app when I read about it on dischord. I'm really happy...looks like a great app to explore chord variations." - Jonathan Paran Aran

"Read about it on Synthtopia. Bought it just now, love it already. Thanks Denis!" - Dominik Assig

"Excelente app para aprender acordes y armonia." - R3dhood

"It can definitely be a source of inspiration." - Luca

" helps (when it comes to chord progressions). It is so simple & that is its value." - Michael L

"I use and love Navichord!" - Ep Lipschitz


Version 2.6.11

iCloud and iFiles support (backup presets, easy transfer from Lite to Full version)
Audiobus 3.0.8
Ableton Link 3.0.5 with Start/Stop
Output MIDI channels rename fix
Audio volume is restored after restart

Notes et avis

4.7 sur 5
21 notes

21 notes

iTouchatoo ,

Très bien développé

Très bon outil de composition : au-delà du simple dictionnaire d'accords, avec une approche très intuitive. Après avoir testé plusieurs applis du même type, c'est celle qui me semble la plus aboutie… Fonctionne aussi très bien en MIDI.

En effet, le son de piano interne a parfois tendance à grésiller : un problème qui semble corrigé, puis ré-apparaît au fil des mises à jour. Un accès au réglage de la taille du buffer dans les préférences permettrait à chaque utilisateur de le corriger selon sa génération de idevice ?

Incroyable : toujours opérationnel sur des antiquités telles que l'iPad2 + iOS8 ! Bravo : continuez !

Réponse du développeur ,

Merci! To remove crackle on some older devices please increase audio buffer size in Settings / Audio / Latency.

Ouibonbin ,

Excellent !

Il existe d'autres applis qui font le job, mais celle-ci a pas mal d'atouts… Elle est vraiment intuitive pour la création de morceaux, et le fait de pouvoir attribuer des instruments différents pour les accords (ou les notes simples) et pour la basse donne beaucoup de souplesse pour la création. À posséder absolument si vous êtes compositeur, pour explorer de nouvelles pistes.

Unikpower ,

Tres tres déçu ça plante ca crash le son grésille !!

Vite une résolution de bugs svp l’appli plante et le son grésille quand on change d’accord c’est tres très désagréable.!ps suis sur Ipad pro 10,5 et iOS à jour.

Réponse du développeur ,

The issue is fixed in 2.6.6, please update the review! Thank you!


Denis Kutuzov
55.4 Mo

Nécessite iOS 8.0 ou une version ultérieure. Compatible avec l’iPhone, l’iPad et l’iPod touch.


Anglais, Chinois simplifié, Coréen, Espagnol, Italien, Japonais, Portugais, Russe

9,99 €

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    Jusqu’à six membres de la famille peuvent utiliser cette app lorsque le partage familial est activé.

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