Imagine if you could really make a difference and help to speed up time in the fight against cancer.

DreamLab is a multi-award winning app from the Vodafone Foundation, in partnership with Imperial College London, that uses the collective power of mobile phones to fast track cancer research. Cancer is one of the biggest causes of premature death worldwide, finding answers and treatments through medical research is vital and DreamLab gives ordinary people the extraordinary chance to save lives. DreamLab exists to help find answers quicker and the more people who use DreamLab, the faster it works.

Medical research currently generates huge volumes of health data around the world every day, but access to computing power to crunch and make sense of this data is limited. Your mobile device contains a huge amount of computing power needed to run everything from email to music and video streaming apps, but is mostly dormant while you plug it in to charge overnight. DreamLab harnesses this processing power, of yours and thousands of other mobile phones, to examine such health data to look specifically at how existing drugs can be repurposed to help in the fight against cancer.

DreamLab taps into this invaluable resource to find more effective combinations of drugs that can be tailored to patients to improve treatments and save lives. As a Dreamer, you can even choose which type of cancer research to support - breast, ovarian, prostate or pancreatic - and also select how much mobile data the app uses every month. Just one PC running 24 hours a day would need 300 years to process the data required to complete the project. However, 100,000 smartphones running DreamLab for six hours a night could fast track the job in just three months.

Download the DreamLab app today and start making a difference to lives in the fight against cancer.

Download the DreamLab app, choose a project to support and each time your phone is plugged in, charged and connected to the internet, you’ll be helping to save lives in the fight against cancer.

Charge your phone overnight and while you #SleepLikeAHero, DreamLab taps into its unused processing power to support vital cancer research.

Fight Cancer
Alongside thousands of other DreamLab users, while you sleep you’ll be using your phone to power a virtual supercomputer, capable of processing billions of calculations – and helping fast track research into better ways to fight cancer.

When you plug your phone in and power DreamLab, it downloads tiny parts of a huge research project from the cloud to calculate and sends the results back to the team at Imperial College London. The more people who power DreamLab, the faster we can find the right drugs and treatments to beat cancer. All you need to do is set up DreamLab once and it will get to work each time you plug your phone in and power DreamLab.

We’ve all been touched by cancer. Our best chance of beating it is by working together. To help the fight against cancer and find the drugs and treatments needed to fight it, simply download the app (#) and choose which Project you’d like to support. You can also track the contribution you’ve made and keep up to date with news.

DreamLab supports cancer research globally and is powered by the Vodafone Foundation.

* A compatible handset is required. Downloading DreamLab will consume mobile data. Once downloaded, DreamLab can be used when your device (i) is connected to a charging source and (ii) has mobile network or WiFi connectivity. Mobile data to use DreamLab is free for Vodafone customers on their local Vodafone network. Roaming incurs international rates.

# By downloading, installing or otherwise using the DreamLab application on your device, you agree to be bound by the terms and conditions found at If you do not agree to be bound by these Terms, you should not download, install or otherwise use DreamLab Application.

What’s New

Version 1.4

- Performance and stability improvements
- Added Italian language support
- Added project 3D Genome

Ratings and Reviews

4.8 out of 5
2.2K Ratings

2.2K Ratings

Frank Blank ,

Great app

Fantastic example of citizen science where the general public can contribute to research that will help improve healthcare. Would love it to have more users to advance the research more quickly, and as it’s so easy (everyone charged their phone after all!) I’m encouraging everyone I know to start using it!

With the projects so big now, can the project team do anything with small percentage increases in completed calculations? Or do they have to wait until the whole project is done before the results can be used? It’d be really useful to know this. I’m concerned that some users may stop using it because they feel that project is so far from completion that their small part isn’t making a big difference. If the researchers are continually using the new data and can make progress with it, I think that’d be a fantastic thing to publicise! Everyone will feel that their contribution is more valued if even just a few calculations can lead to progress!

Jodie bear ,

Who doesn’t want to cure cancer?

This is an app that allows cancer researchers to use the power of your phone/iPad to test existing drugs to see if they’re effective against cancers. Effectively your device becomes a part of a supercomputer while none of your personal data is submitted or accessible. My own Uncle had his life extended by years by the discovery that the drug thalidomide was effective against his cancer so this approach works and these drugs are often cheaper than newer cancer drugs and we’ve all seen stories of people dying early when the NHS refuses funding for a particularly expensive drug. All you do is start the app running when you are not using your device and charging it for example if you’re sleeping or you’re battery is low after bingeing on Netflix, it works on wi if or you can donate mobile data if you want but you control that completely. So do something good today as one day the person being treated for cancer may be yourself or someone you love.

JontyCampbell ,

Finding cures 24 hours a day!

This app is a no brainer app that number crunches cancer research laboratory genetic calculations or billions of drug combinations.

Why 24 hours a day?

Well if you have more than one Device, say a smartphone and tablet, what I suggest is installing DreamLab on both, leaving the tablet at home plugged in while most of your tasks are done via your smartphone.

Leave DreamLab running 24/7 on your tablet, while your smartphone can run it all night as you sleep, are watching TV, out in a café or gastropub, in a car, train, at the office, or at work plugged into charge when you’re not using your phone.

If you’re with Vodaphone network carrier, DreamLab data use is free, while if you have All You Can Eat data (AYCE), max out the DreamLab data use to unlimited, so there’s no restriction to the number of lab calculations it can solve.

DreamLab now has a dark mode which makes use at night more comfortable, and auto dims the screen to a black screensaver after a few moments.

It’s quite satisfying seeing the number of calculations solved in the 1000s after a day or so leaving the tablet running.

For best efficiency, have ONLY DreamLab running full screen with no other apps in the background.


34.6 MB
Health & Fitness

Requires iOS 11.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.


English, Italian

Age Rating
Rated 4+
© Vodafone Foundation


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    Up to six family members will be able to use this app with Family Sharing enabled.

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