A week with Apple TV

Get more from your TV time with this guide.

How you watch TV has changed. Your Apple TV allows you to watch movies, series, sports and news from all the top streaming services and organises your viewing to make sure you never miss an episode of your favourite show.

You can also play your favourite iPad and iPhone games on your Apple TV using the included Siri Remote, or your iPhone – they both have advanced motion sensors.

And this is just the start, with so much more to explore. Any compatible apps that you have already bought on your iPhone are free to download again on Apple TV. So, get to know all the functions of your favourite TV apps, and find some new ones in this guide, with an app for each day of this week.

Day 1: Apple TV App

The Apple TV App organises all your viewing. You’ll see the next available episodes of the shows you’re watching in your Up Next section as well as content suggestions under What to Watch. Your iTunes library is right there too, with any movies you purchased in HD automatically upgraded to 4K resolution for free (where it is available). The Apple TV App is also on your iPhone or iPad, so you can continue watching on the go.

    Apple TV

    The home of Apple TV+


Day 2: Prime Video

If you’re already an Amazon Prime deliveries user, then you also have access to movies and hit TV series at no extra charge through Prime Video. This includes Prime Originals content such as The Man in the High Castle and Sneaky Pete. Prime Video also has a host of genre-specific channels to which you can subscribe, for an additional fee, such as fitness channel Daily Burn.

    Amazon Prime Video

    Originals, movies, TV, sports


Day 3: Asana Rebel

At-home workouts are better than ever on Apple TV. With Asana Rebel you can sign up to yoga-inspired fitness programmes for several weeks or find individual sessions to suit the time you have right now. With an instructor in front of you on the big screen, you’ll be able to make sure you’re performing all the exercises correctly. So, no excuses for missing your fitness session.

    Asana Rebel: Get in Shape

    Workout and nutrition plans


Day 4: Neverthink

Neverthink brings back the days of mindless channel-surfing, for when you want to watch without thinking too much. Flick between buzzily-named channels from YOLO to Making Stuff to find all sorts of internet video content. New clips are added daily. Like the TV of yesteryear, programmes play live, rather than on-demand.

    Neverthink: Handpicked videos

    Instantly find what to watch


Day 5: Rayman Adventures

If you haven’t yet tried using your Apple TV for gaming, Rayman Adventures is a great place to start. With any game available on Apple TV, you can save and pick up again on your iPhone from where you left off. With this well-loved and vibrant platform game you can use your Siri  Remote to run, climb and jump your way through the mysterious lands of the game.

    Rayman Adventures

    Run, explore and collect!


Day 6: Tinder

The perfect way to give your friends and family a veto on your love life, using dating app Tinder on Apple TV allows you to bring up potential matches on the big screen. You can swipe right or left just as you would on your iPhone, by using the Apple TV remote, and view all your potential romances in full HD.


    Match, Chat & Meet New People


Day 7: All 4

There are hundreds of Channel 4 shows on All 4, from old favourites Father Ted, Shameless and Skins to great world dramas, documentaries and the best new comedy series. Browse by highlights, the latest episodes, or binge-worthy box sets like Community, Friday Night Dinner and Gogglebox.

    All 4

    Channel 4’s on demand channel