Games for a plentiful harvest

Autumn is here again.

The leaves are falling from the trees and it's growing increasingly colder. Despite the cold, there are still a wealth of vegetables and other crops that are harvested during Autumn. From pumpkins to potatoes, to butternut squashes and wild mushrooms, it's the season of plenty. However, let it be known that it takes skill, hard work and a lot of time to grow vegetables. For those not wanting to step out into the cold this Autumn, why not find somewhere cosy indoors and give these virtual farming games a go instead? Test your skills planting and harvesting a variety of crops, minus all of the strenuous digging and mud.

Laughing farm life

Hay Day is a fun farm game that lets you take control. Grow and customise your farm, adding new crops, caring for your animals and making sure to fulfil customer orders. From the developer behind App Store favourite, Clash of Clans, players can enjoy the game's colourful animations and regular updates.

    Hay Day

    Farm with Friends and Family


Build your dream town

Township blends the rural life with the big city, allowing players to build their own town and farm. Grow your businesses, harvesting crops to sell to your townspeople. Climb up the business ladder, creating new shops and attractions in your town.


    Turn a town into a metropolis


Harvest, just the first step

In Puzzle Craft 2, the farm is just the beginning. Explore the island to discover new species of crops to grow, collect valuable resources by playing fun puzzles, and ultimately, transform your lands into a plentiful kingdom!

    Puzzle Craft 2