Go vegan with these 3 apps

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Perhaps you are thinking about following a plant-based diet. Maybe you’ve been vegan for decades or are keen to cut down your carbon footprint and reduce the amount of animal products in your life. Whatever your reason for embracing vegan principles, these apps will help you do it.

Greens on the go

There’s nothing worse than paying through the nose for a limp mushroom burger because it was the only vegan option on the menu.

With Vanilla Bean you can find all the best restaurants near you that cater for a plant-based diet, with reviews and descriptions of the venues. It will even help when you’re away on holiday, as it works around the globe, too.

    vanilla bean plant-based food

    Discover vegan restaurants


Ethics everywhere

Being vegan can go further than food. If you’re interested in the animal friendly credentials of the fashion brands you wear, Good On You will guide you in making ethical choices.

Search for brands and discover how well your favourite shops shape up in terms of their labour conditions, environmental conscience and animal ethics.

    Good On You – Ethical Fashion



Plant power at home

There are plant-based treats aplenty to be found in Hippie Lane. The app features delicious recipes, as well as how-to video guides to walk you through making vegan chocolate as well as sweet treats such as almond butter cups and tahini cookies.

Tap Add to Shopping List and the app will collate everything you’ll need to make them yourself.

    Hippie Lane

    Award winning recipe app