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Get the skills to turn you into the next Great British Bake Off star.

Workshop - Learn New Skills

Learn new skills from experts


Mmm, cake. Delicious stuff, don’t you think? It’s not all costly cronuts and artisan cupcakes though. The next time you fancy a sweet treat – so probably about four minutes from now – why not try making your own?

Baking from scratch can sound intimidating, but it’s far easier than you might expect. Especially when you ditch traditional cookbooks in favour of Workshop.

That’s because this app does more than give you a set of basic instructions before leaving you to your own devices. A lot more.

Workshop’s video tutorials offer easy to follow step-by-step classes.

Perfect for everyone from those who don’t know their sieve from their spatula to accomplished bakers, Workshop will teach you an array of skills and techniques via a range of easy-to-follow step-by-step video tutorials.

Once you’ve selected your desired workshop – there are courses on creating everything from bread and pasta to curries and, of course, cake – you’re presented with a series of tutorials broken down into task-specific modules, each with a tasty end point.

Each topic is broken down into separate modules.

This approach makes the learning process more accessible while always giving you an ambitious end goal to work towards. It also lets you learn at your own pace, or revisit steps to ensure you’ve mastered a point before moving on.

And with each video fronted by an expert mentor – including master pâtissiers, celebrity chefs and former The Great British Bake Off stars – you know you’re getting practical, reliable advice.

Using Workshop, Former The Great British Bake Off star, Benjamina Ebuehi can teach you how to make cakes.

“I think that learning skills in this way can be much less intimidating than other more traditional environments,” former The Great British Bake Off quarter finalist and Workshop mentor, Benjamina Ebuehi, tells us.

“There's a lot less pressure if you make mistakes. You can go at your own pace without feeling like you've been thrown in at the deep end.”

With Ebuehi’s Master the Art of Cake Decorating workshop walking you through the ins and outs of everything from making your first batch of American buttercream to crafting your own show-stopping drip cake, her course can help ensure the next bake sale or family gathering you attend goes down as a thing of legend.

She even has some cake-making words of wisdom just for us.

A chilled cake will also help control the drips from sliding too quickly down your cake.

    Workshop - Learn New Skills

    Learn new skills from experts