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Με μια κίνηση:
- Συνδέεσαι, χωρίς εγγραφή, με τα CU data σου
- Τσεκάρεις υπόλοιπο
- Παίρνεις πακέτα
- Ανανεώνεις χρόνο
- Ενεργοποιείς τους 1+1 CU Around κωδικούς σου
- Δίνεις ΜΒ δώρα στους φίλους σου
- Λαμβάνεις προσφορές μόνο για σένα
- Ξαναγέμισε το πακέτο σου με τη νέα υπηρεσία Refill!

…κι αν ζοριστείς με τα data, πατάς το κουμπί. #DontPanic

Τι νέο υπάρχει

Έκδοση 4.5.1

Διορθώσεις προβλημάτων και βελτιστοποιήσεις

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33,8 χιλ. βαθμολογίες

33,8 χιλ. βαθμολογίες

ElvisPresley15 ,


This app is amazing but it would be better if we could do zoom on it, because the letters and the numbers are too small! Do something!

Jo-Purba ,


So I just top up the credit of 15€, then i was charged for the 2€ extended service for calling. Instead of having let’s say 11€ or 12€ with reduced tax, I was told I had only 5€ balance. (!?!?!?)
Then after I downloaded the cu and Big Bang apps, not to my surprise, I now have only 2€, meaning I am no longer able to purchase any program.
It’s not enough that Vodafone has terrible signal even in the city (I live in Pagkrati), it has no credibility to at least top its game with better service. I’m having this issue couple of times already and I don’t think it’s okay to always wandering where the hell my money is everytime I’m recharging my units on the phone!!! I’m heading to your one of your shops for explanation!!

Eddiemoore007 ,

Too expensive

Your service is very poor and expensive.
It’s a waste of money.
To be perfectly honest, you’re extortionists.
It’s a shame.

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  • Δεδομένα χρήσης

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  • Διαγνωστικά

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