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PPS (繳費靈) on Mobile是香港最簡單易用的繳費平台。透過PPS on Mobile您可隨時隨地登入PPS戶口,幾click就能繳付超過900個商戶之賬單。

• 繳付賬單
● 信用卡
● 電話費
● 管理費
● 政府及法定機構賬單
● 保險
● 學校雜費等等

• 查看商戶名單

• 查詢繳費紀錄

• 發掘最新推廣

• 搜尋最近的PPS終端機位置
您可透過全球定位系統(GPS) ,找出就近的PPS終端機。

PPS專為iPhone手機而設的醒目界面及功能有助繁忙的您處理賬單。Please Pay Smart!

想立即使用PPS on Mobile繳費?您只需以PPS戶口號碼/登入名稱和8個數字的網上密碼登入。還未開立PPS戶口?立刻帶同您的ATM卡到指定OK便利店、HKT專門店、AEON分行及部分主要銀行內的PPS終端機登記吧! 更多功能及詳情,請瀏覽https://www.ppshk.com

PPS (繳費靈) on Mobile支援 iOS 9.0 或以上

立即下載PPS on Mobile!

PPS on Mobile is a convenient and simple electronic bill payment platform in Hong Kong. Via PPS on Mobile, you can login your PPS account anytime and settle bills from over 900 merchants with just a few clicks.

• Pay bills
You can register new bills and pay your bills directly across over 30 categories, such as:
● Credit cards
● Telecommunications
● Property management fees
● Government and public utility bills,
● Insurance
● School fees etc.

• View merchant lists
You can search merchant lists by merchant codes, names or categories for your bills.

• Enquire payment history
You can check your payment history for last 60 days.

• Discover the hottest offers
You can easily explore all the up-to-date hottest offers on the app!

• Search for the nearest PPS Registration Terminal
You can search a nearby PPS Registration Terminal via GPS.

Brilliant iPhone-oriented interface and functions can help you manage your bills with great ease. Please Pay Smart!

Interested in using PPS on Mobile for payment? All you need are a PPS Account Number/Login Name and a 8-digit Internet Password. Haven’t got a PPS account? Please bring your ATM card to the PPS Registration Terminal located at designated Circle K Convenience Stores, HKT Shops, AEON branches and some major banks to register. For more details, please visit PPS’s website at https://www.ppshk.com

PPS on Mobile supports iOS version 9.0 or above.

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版本 2.9



1.9 滿分 5 粒星
663 個評分

663 個評分


A very outdated app with limited function

I hate this app but I don't have much choice since it supports most of the payments in HK.
Everytime I pressed on different tab I got logout n have to re-login. Also, on the login page I could only use the hand writing method to input, I cannot choose a different keyboard at all! Very outdated UI.


Much worse compared to the PPS web

The app does not provide any benefit over the web page solution.

I just installed it today. The first thing I attempted to do was to register a merchant with the app, it took over 5 mins without making progress. I had no choice but go to the web page to do it. The app was still processing even after I finished the registration and payment through the web page.

This is probably one of the worst payment solution I ever used. The app does not provide any convenience but just false expectations.

PPS HK, to help your users, I suggest you to remove thus app from the App Store until you can make it works and really help your users to save time. This is now creating negative reputations for your company.

Good luck!

Wi sir

Please support face id for logging in

Please update your app to support face id for logging in. This is not a newest technology and most of the app released by no matter bank, dinning club, other tools have already supported, except yours.
Supporting face id for logging in can save user's time upon login, better security when logging in in a public place, better user experience, hence more people will to use.
Please improve

App 私隱

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開發者不會從此 App 收集任何資料。



  • 家人共享

    設定「家人共享」後,多達六位家庭成員可以使用此 App。