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We are entering the era of 5G! And buying a mobile plan or handsets, while managing your services and accounts, is all at your fingertips.

Find out more about what 5G can do for YOU:
• 5G services and apps
• 5G applications for music, gaming, esports, sports, entertainment, VR & AR
• 5G handsets
• 5G coverage map

Buy mobile services:
• Choose a new mobile plan, or upgrade your plan, and browse the latest hot offers
• Check out offers tailored to your needs
• Access your Coupon Wallet to find discounts and offers
• Buy a standalone handset
• Buy eSIMs
• Add data top-ups, roaming-data day passes and other value-added services

Check and manage your mobile services:
• Check data, voice and SMS entitlements plus usage
• Control data usage of your secondary SIMs
• Manage voice-calling features
• Check your account balance, billing history and bill settlement

And many more...

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版本 6.68

This version includes a number of UI/UX improvements as well as stability enhancement.


4.5 滿分 5 粒星
2,388 個評分

2,388 個評分


Great app to check my card value

Please allow your existing customers to initiate real name prepaid card registration in this app or on hkcsl prepaid card website.

Gabriella Leung

Can’t open the app

Can’t open the app. Crash immediately when I open it

WM Cheng

Not easy to use

The main purpose of this app is going to check how much data I used along the month. But I cannot check the other members usage within my package after updated the app. As the owner of the package, I do hope I can check all members usage.

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