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* 真正香港本地設計Call的士App,我們深刻明白你的乘車需要
* 設有24小時客戶服務熱線,全天候真人為你提供支援
* 致力打造優質的士平台:附設司機評分機制,我們會處理相關表揚或投訴
* 超過140萬人次下載及擁有逾7萬名司機之網絡

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如有失物查詢,可致電或WhatsApp至5566 9997或電郵至info@hktaxiapp.com



版本 5.4.36

- 修正已知問題


4.6 滿分 5 粒星
206 則評分

206 則評分

WU, John Globas

Easy to use

Quite convenient to use this app. Credit card payment are handled instantly, may even faster than traditional cash-charge payment. It is an app popular among drivers so it is not too difficult to get a taxi instantly. Also the driver location information is very useful for customers reference. In terms of price, although there is 3% commission for credit card payment, you will not need to pay the $5 service charge for phone booking, which is to some extent a benefit in price for orders < $166.7.

The taxi drivers, in general, will not reject your payment through credit card, except in some instances drivers may have difficulty to access the internet near the border of Hong Kong, so that the transaction need to be done in cash. Developer may want to add this warning in the app to inform the drivers and passengers involved in close-border orders about this possible issue.

Also, I wish the HKTaxi app may make the experience of using this app in English interface complete as soon as possible (as stated in the app, only the Chinese version enjoys the full functionality). Also I am looking forward to see more discount offers occur in HKTaxi.

Best wishes to the future of this app, it makes me fall in love with taxiing experience.


Hi WU, thanks a lot for liking our service. We have passed your comments regarding the signal issue near the border to our team. At the same time, we are now bringing ride discounts together with Mastercard to our users. From now on until the end of July, if you take three rides (of whatever fare) in a week, you can get an HK$50 coupon for use the next week:)

Nathalie Pouilly

Poor support

Great app. But VERY VERY POOR online support. I lost my phone in the back seat of the taxi and called the support number. I was redirected to several other numbers and one man said ‘ok we’ll look for you and call you back’ without asking for a number to call back on??? Another woman answered and gave me a number in 2secs and hung up. I needed to call her 3 times to get the number. At the end NO support of help at all. Thank god for passengers that are genuine and helpful ...


We are sorry that our support service were unsatisfactory, can you give us more information about the order at cs@hktaxiapp.com?

Man the moron

Not work on iPhone XR 13.4..1

Just updated the app but the taxi app not working


Hi, can you please contact cs@hktaxiapp.com with more information of the app is not working and relevant screenshot? Thanks.


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