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• 為你搜羅過萬款全球不同貨品、由原箱產品、糧油雜貨、寵物、母嬰用品以至美妝護膚等一應俱全。
• 最快即日送貨到家:新增多個送貨熱點,買滿$500 即享即日免費送貨*。
• 更多店取易店舖:過百自取網,消費$1都可網購店取,最快3小時店內取貨#。
• 驚喜優惠,源源不絶:不定期推出網上限定優惠、主題推廣活動、電子優惠券活動、易賞錢會員專享優惠等
• 可持續性選擇:多款可持續性產品,讓你在購物的同時兼顧環保。



版本 6.7.1



2.2 滿分 5 粒星
157 個評分

157 個評分


Need to be fixed this bug

Updated is still same as before, still being glitch somehow, can’t even delete thing inside shopping cart!


Dear Customer, it should be fine now, please download the updated version to try again. If you have any question, please do not hesitate to send email to parknshop.info@asw.com.hk. Thank you.


Slow load time and extremely inefficient

You will only know if your card can go through or not at the end after suffering extremely slow loading time at every single process. (Which my card has no problem to make any purchase just before and after trying to place order on this Parknshop app.)

The another very frustrating experience is that, they have limit on ordering some very typical products. E.g. like orange soda, they limit to only 5 bottles of orange juice per order, sorry, you can’t, you will be forced to buy other products which they want you to buy in order to fulfill the “free shipping/delivery” perk.

The even more frustrating experience is that after you done everything to “accommodate” their “requirements” in order to pay them, they just tell you some of the products on your order are out of stock after all these slow and frustrating process to finally be able to pay for your order. (Are you kidding me? You only had 5 bottles of orange soda in stock of your whole Parknshop chains and someone just bought all these 5 bottles just a minute ago before me and this is 3am in the morning, and are you gonna tell me its just another “co-incidence”?)

I would suggest the person or the team writing this app should quit their job and seek another career requires less common sense.


Dear Customer, sorry for any inconvenience caused. We will review and enhance our service shortly. Thank you.

ambi santuso

English user

I wanted to keep myself updated with the latest deals from Parknshop. So I downloaded this app today and I’m removing it right away. I was so happy that there is an option of English. But guess what, the offer u see on the top section of the main page. As soon as you click it, it’s all Cantonese. The offers, the product, the whole promotion is Cantonese. And not just that, the main page ends up being in Cantonese. If I could give it 0 rating, I would.
Hopefully the developer will fix it.

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