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簡便。可靠。安全。— Facebook 旗下的 WhatsApp

WhatsApp Messenger 是專供 iPhone 和其它智慧型手機免費下載、使用的即時通訊應用程式。WhatsApp 使用您的網路連線(包括 4G/3G/2G/EDGE 或 Wi-Fi,依當時可用網路決定),讓您與朋友或家人傳送訊息和通話。您可從手機簡訊改為使用 WhatsApp 傳送和接收訊息、通話、照片、影片、文件、和語音訊息。


• 無需額外費用:WhatsApp 使用您的網路連線(包括 4G/3G/2G/EDGE 或 Wi-Fi,依當時可用網路決定),讓您與朋友或家人傳送訊息和通話,因此您不再需要為每次傳送的訊息或通話付費。* 註冊、使用 WhatsApp 也無需按月支付任何費用。

• 多媒體:傳送和接收照片、影片、文件、和語音訊息。

• 免費通話:即使您的家人和朋友身在另一個國家,您可使用 WhatsApp Calling 免費撥打電話給他們。* WhatsApp 通話使用您的網路連線進行,不需耗用您的行動電話通話分鐘數。(注意:電信公司可能會收取數據通信費用,因此電信公司可能會收取數據通信費用。請聯絡您的電信公司以了解詳情。此外,您無法以 WhatsApp 撥打緊急服務熱線,如美國的 911、台灣的 110)。

• 群組對話:與您的聯絡人進行群組對話,輕鬆和您的家人朋友保持聯絡。

• WhatsApp 網頁版:您也可以直接從電腦瀏覽器傳送和接收 WhatsApp 訊息。

• 無額外國際電信費:使用 WhatsApp 傳送國際訊息無需支付額外費用,使用 WhatsApp 傳送國際訊息無需支付額外費用,即可與您在世界各地的好友們對話。

• 不再需要使用者名稱與 PIN 碼:何必還要去記住另外一組使用者名稱或 PIN 碼?WhatsApp 就如手機簡訊,使用您的電話號碼,可與您手機上現有的通訊錄無縫結合。

• 永遠為已登入狀態:您在 WhatsApp 永遠為已登入狀態,因此不會漏失任何訊息。您也不必再為您的狀態是已登入或登出而困惑。

• 輕鬆快速與聯絡人連結:使用您的通訊錄可輕鬆快速將您與您已使用 WhatsApp 的聯絡人連結,不需要新增難以記住的使用者名稱。

• 離線訊息:即使您錯過通知或是手機關機,WhatsApp 會保存您最近收發的訊息,直到您下次開啟應用程式。

• 更多其他功能:分享您的實時位置、交換聯絡人資訊、設定自訂背景圖片與訊息通知音效、一次對多名聯絡人傳送廣播訊息,以及更多其它功能!

*使用 WhatsApp 可能會產生額外行動數據費用,請聯絡您的電信公司以了解詳情。




注意:WhatsApp 是電話型態的應用程式,因此 iPod 和 iPad 為不受支援裝置。


版本 2.20.81

* WhatsApp 自今日起支援動態貼圖。您可在我們的貼圖商店看到首發的動態貼圖集。
* 我們推出對 QR 條碼的支援。您可以此快速新增聯絡人與商家機構,不必輸入電話號碼。點擊「設定」中的「QR 條碼」圖標即可開始使用。


4.6 滿分 5 粒星
24.9万 個評分

24.9万 個評分


Hi Whatsapp. Feature suggestions


This is Joe
I have been using Whatsapp since the very first day of launch

At the beginning, this apps serve well for daily communication between friends

Nowadays, this apps already being a major communication tools for day to day work

Some suggestion to leave for your consideration in coming enhancement

1. Conference call function (voice)
- suggest to enable up to 15-20 users at once. As many conference call apps appear but still not popular, Whatsapp should be the best to serve.

2. To enhance photo management function; say to let user export all photo to iPhone album in one go. Currently can't.

3. To add labelling function to group; say add color tag for specific group; blue for work, green for family etc. As many people work over 100 groups. Indeed hard to manage

4. To allow create subgroup; same as above

5. To extend del function to forever time instead of limited time

6. For group calling (conference call, enhancing the interface. Say can know who is taking. Or who is mute. With some icon.

Whatsapp. I am your forever fans. Hope above idea can make your apps better and better. Your company always listen.

Happy New year


Great app, but could be improved

I have been using Whatsapp for the past 3 years and things were pretty good. However, whenever a new update comes out, it disables my ability to use the app without updating it. I have found that extremely annoying as I have been losing lots of storage because of this. Sometimes I won’t even have any storage anymore at all because of this app. Since I have no storage, it disables my use of the app which is also extremely annoying. I have deleted hundreds of files to try and get my storage back, but this app uses up all of my storage in seconds. I would love it if I could use the app without using up half of my storage.
I have tried using WhatsApp on computer, but it doesn’t let me use things like stickers unless they are downloaded. From time to time everytime I shut my computer, I will have to log back in because it says that my phone has no internet connection when clearly it does.

Whatsapp Inc. needs to fix these problems as I have no storage left because of them. I would recommend this app for those who have lots of storage, but I wouldn’t recommend it for those with low storage.


My experience with WhatsApp

Technology seemed had nothing to do with my daily life. Until my students introduced WhatsApp to me, I then realized how close that I could be with my family and friends. I don’t have to answer phone calls when I’m busy with my work. I can choose a convenient time to read texts and to write back. I can share my life with family and friends who live overseas by sending them photos and videos or even talk to them face to face on cell phone. I can get information from people easily. I don’t need passwords to use WhatsApp which brings conveniency. Thanks to this brilliant design my life is no longer the same.


WhatsApp Inc.
132.4 MB

須使用 iOS 9.0 或以上版本。兼容 iPhone。


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  • 家人共享

    設定「家人共享」後,多達六位家庭成員可以使用此 App。

  • Siri

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