Editorial is a plain text editor for iOS with powerful automation tools and a beautiful inline preview for Markdown, TaskPaper, and Fountain documents.


* Inline Markdown/Fountain Preview – With Editorial's subtle syntax highlighting, you can see your document's formatting immediately while you're writing. And when you need a full HTML preview, it's just a swipe away.

* Extensible with Workflows and Scripts – Select from over 50 text processing actions to create your own workflows for extending Editorial's feature set. For even more advanced automation, you can write Python scripts with an integrated code and UI editor.

* Dropbox Sync – The sync folder is customizable, so you can easily edit your documents with multiple apps.

* Smart Keyboard – The extended keyboard was specifically designed for writing Markdown and includes all the special characters you need. You can also control the cursor with simple swipe gestures.

* Snippets – Quickly insert frequently-used pieces of text by typing abbreviations. Snippets can include dynamic text, e.g. the current date or clipboard contents. TextExpander™ snippets are also supported.

* In-App Browser – If you need to do some quick research while writing, you don't have to leave the app for that. You can even open multiple tabs.

* "Folding" allows you to quickly hide individual sections of your document while you're writing.

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“It would be hard to imagine a better editor, let alone recommend one that actually exists.” — The Verge

“This is it. Editorial sets a new standard for third-party iOS automation, and, for me, there’s no going back.” — Federico Viticci, MacStories

“Editorial just reinvented iOS text editing.” — Merlin Mann


Versione 1.3.4

• Added support for the iPhone X with its native resolution.
• Changed toolbar color in the preview/accessory panel – this makes it easier to distinguish the preview from the editor.
• Improved performance for switching between dark and light mode.
• The accessory panel (preview, in-app browser...) uses the same tab bar UI on iPhone and iPad now.
• Removed support for the public workflow directory. Your shared workflows will remain online for the foreseeable future, but the directory will soon become read-only. You can still share workflows using the "Copy Workflow" feature, of course, which is more flexible anyway, as it allows you to put your workflows in any plain text file.
• Fixed an issue with explanatory text in the settings being displayed incorrectly (particularly on small screens).
• Fixed footnote navigation in Markdown preview.
• Fixed table view actions not being executed in "Custom UI" workflow actions.
• Fixed a few issues with inline boneyard in Fountain documents.

Valutazioni e recensioni

3.9 su 5
7 valutazioni

7 valutazioni

Michelesolla ,


Applicazione veramente fantastica. La scrittura è solo l'inizio in questa applicazione, i workflow permettono di creare azioni di ogni tipo e rendere l'esperienza utente un vero piacere. Ed ora con la versione per iPhone non ci sono veramente più limiti al suo utilizzo. L'unica cosa che manca è la possibilità di sincronizzare i workflow fra l'app per iPad e quella per iPhone magari utilizzando iCloud.

Mastro35 ,

No, ma dico, scherziamo?

5,49 euro e non è ottimizzata per iPhone X?

Enosictono ,


La utilizzo per scrivere appunti, in markdown. E già a questo fine ritengo sia la migliore in assoluto dello store. Se poi avete il piacere di usare i workflow per accelerare il tutto, è un opzione ghiotta, ma non una necessità. Da universitario, la considero indispensabile per un uso produttivo del mio iPad. Ha fatto le radici nel mio dock.


Ole Zorn
280.5 MB

Richiede iOS 9.0 o versioni successive. Compatibile con iPhone, iPad e iPod touch.



Accesso web senza restrizioni
5,49 €


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