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The power of a digital audio workstation in the palm of your hand.

Release your creativity with up to 32 high quality audio tracks. Record multiple takes, harmonies, solos, and experiments. No more worrying about bouncing - each instrument can have its own track. More cowbell? No problem!

Build new songs like a recording studio, with the monitoring and overdubbing capabilities of MultiTrack DAW. Move and trim audio until it's perfect, and mix the sound until it's just right. Export your work with a multitude of sharing options.


MultiTrack has a wide range of input capabilities, including the built-in mic, headset mics, and USB interfaces and mics. AudioUnits (AUv3) and IAA (Inter-App Audio) are also supported as inputs and as effects.


File types for import include mp3, ogg, wav, aac, m4a, aif, and m4a. MultiTrack now offers 8 ways to get audio files in and out: iTunes/Finder File Sharing, Wi-Fi, Drag&Drop, Copy/Paste, 'Open in...', Airdrop, the Files app, and importing from the Music Library. Whole projects can be archived in-app and shared, and sent directly to other devices using AirDrop, Wi-Fi, or any other iOS sharing method.


2 stereo audio tracks, upgradable to 32, for simultaneous playback.
16 inputs simultaneously (USB interface required).
16, 24, or 32 bit floating point at 44.1, 48, 88.2 or 96 kHz, professional quality lossless audio for each track.
Inter-App Audio / AudioUnits v3 - Generators, Instruments, and Effects supported.
Up to 4 AU/IAA plugins on each track, the 2 effects busses, and the master out.
Sidechain capable, use the 'SC' button to pick a source track pre/post FX.
Audiobus 3 - Can be used as a sender for any track or master out. Supports saving and restoring state.

Non-linear, non-destructive editing using Regions and Bins.
Built-in track Compressor and EQ (2 bands parametric, 2 bands shelving).
Built-in Sweet Reverb and Stereo Delay available as bus effects.
Grid View with Snap to easily align regions.
Freeze tracks for improved performance.

Metronome adjustable from 40 to 240 BPM.
Various musical Time Signatures.
Ruler showing bars/beats/divisions/ticks or timecode.
Volume faders have +12db of gain boost.
Per-Region volume and fade in and out, with realtime audio monitoring while editing.
Ability to monitor the input signal with effects, while recording the raw input.
Looping with the Loop Markers.

Hotbox popup control (Long-touch over track) with context sensitive buttons.
Audio Browser allows preview of audio files in the song.
Snap, Punch, Input Monitor, Auto Input, Undo and Redo, and many more features.
Smart Snap displays red vertical lines with exact snapping placement, snaps to any other region or ruler line.


Beautifully rendered waveforms at multiple zoom levels.
Low latency VU meters for each track.
64 bit audio processing.
Latency compensation with selectable buffer sizes.
Zip compression of song projects for backup/restore.
Wav, mp3, ogg, ALAC, FLAC, and m4a compression for mixdown with selectable bitrates.
Free 'Sound Copy' app extension allows copying audio to the General Pasteboard from outside MultiTrack.
Many, many more features.

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* USB Audio requires Lightning to USB Camera Adapter.


Versione 6.3.6

• Sidechain inputs for AudioUnit plugins. Use the 'SC' button on plugs that publish a sidechain input (or multiple input busses), like FabFilter (MB Pro, Timeless 3), RoughRider3, NYCompressor, or Blue Mangoo Multiband Compressor. Sidechain input can source from any other track, pre or post effects, including other tracks that also have sidechain effects.
• Per-Region Volume. When editing a region, an additional Handle will control the volume (-45 to +12 dB)
• Vertical dragging of Regions or multiple Regions. You ask for it, we deliver.
• Tracks now allow mono or stereo regions on the same track, the VU meter will change channel count dynamically.
• Separate 'Bounce' and 'Copy' buttons in the Hotbox. The Bounce button will mixdown all audio in selected regions and copy it to the Pasteboard.
• Realtime monitoring of editing/moving Regions, start/stop/fadein/fadeout/volume, during playback.
• Undo/Redo of track deletion/creation/moving. Tracks will animate back to original position on Undo/Redo.
• Improved Loop Marker adjustment, window will now autoscroll when dragging Loop Markers.
• Wi-Fi web server now has options for toggling 'Track FX', 'Bus FX' and 'Master FX' for track downloads.
• AUView now has 'Speaker' icon used to toggle the output.
Many more things.

Version 6.3.6
Region editing now shows underlying regions through the region ghost, for easier alignment.
Version 7.0 is still on it's way, stay tuned!

Other recent features:
• New low price! Basic MultiTrack now comes with 2 tracks and with all features enabled. If you bought MultiTrack before this version, you will of course retain your track counts and all previous purchases.
• Tracks can be now be purchased in multiples of 8, up to a total of 32.
• 32 bit floating point project formats! Use the '32f' option (Gear icon on the Songs Screen) to create a project with the new format.
• New midi piano keyboard controller for AudioUnit Music Devices or Instruments. With Pitchbend/modwheel sliders and scalable key widths. Automatic velocity and aftertouch on supported devices.
• Mixdown stems as separate tracks into a folder, with normalize option.
• AudioUnit plugin view can be moved and resized, and remain onscreen. Supports multiple AU Instruments open at once on iPad.
• FLAC (Free Lossless Audio Codec) and ALAC (Apple Lossless Audio Codec) implemented.
• Pin button. On iPad, AU plugins and instruments now have a Pin button to keep the plugin on screen. When opening a song, all pinned plugins will restore their position.
• Multi-channel wav export.
• Track Duplicate feature.
• Mute/Unmute per region.
• iOS 14 ColorPicker for changing track color, with a wider range of colors.
• Enable iOS Status Bar for iPad split view or slide over mode.
• Added Bounce button to Audio Browser.
• Allow reordering of track FX by dragging tabs (Compressor, EQ, and AudioUnit chain).
• Allow dragging of AudioUnit windows outside of screen edges.
• Adds sorting of AudioUnits in selection panels with most recently used at the top.
• 'Allow Portrait' toggle switch for iPhone in (default is on), switch off to force landscape.
• Store last selected 'Ruler' and 'Time Display' metronome settings, as default for new songs.
• Input Fader can expand up to a 32 channel VU Meter.
• New Create Song panel with song name and bits/rates.

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Efficace intuitivo e c’è tutto quello che serve per registrare e migliorare la qualità della registrazione , buona la sezione dedicata agli effetti da aggiungere, come per esempio la distorsione nel caso di una chitarra. Giusta la decisione di poter ampliare le tracce a seconda dell’investimento .Complimenti, la terrò sempre con me.

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L'ho anche provato sul nuovo iPad con scheda audio esterna USB su camera connetion kit con hub alimentato. È perfetto. ! In più se fai copia ed incolli in garage Band copia l'intera traccia selezionata. Cool.

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