Juxtaposer lets you combine multiple pictures into creative and fun photomontages quickly and easily.

Take any element from one picture and add it to another. Remix your pets into a mythical creature, swap a statue's head with your friend's, or combine photos into surreal and beautiful works of art. Juxtaposer has the power and features of a professional creative tool, but is simple to use and just as importantly, it's fun!


- Short tutorial videos will turn you into a photomontage artist in no time.
- The new Magic Crop feature makes it super fast and easy to cut something out of your top image, thanks to a powerful Machine Learning model.
- Your composite images are exported at the full resolution of the background image, even if it's huge (40 MP+)!
- The image adjustment tools let you match your images' color and lighting, and fine-tune the look of your creation.
- Zoom in to work on fine details with pixel-level accuracy.
- Add elements from as many photos as you like to your background image.
- Load photos from your iPhone photo library, Unsplash, Dropbox or Flickr, .
- Share your photomontages on Twitter or Flickr. Email them, or save them to your Dropbox.
- Save your cutout images in the Stamp Manager for later use. You can also share these "stamps" with friends or export them as transparent PNGs.
- Undo any edit. Experiment safely, you can always get back to where you started.
- 20 blend modes (like Multiply, Screen and Overlay) let advanced iPhoneographers create unique effects.
- The "red mask" view mode shows you just the top image with the erased parts in red. It is helpful when precisely cutting out an element.

* "The application works incredibly well and makes an otherwise challenging process simple and fun. It blows my mind that you can do such things on an iPhone."
* TUAW: "This $2.99 app is a lot of fun, as well as one of the best-executed compositing tools for a mobile device that I've ever seen."
* IphoneAppReviews: "Pretty much everyone, at some point in time, has had the uncontrollable urge to take a friend’s photo and do something truly evil with it. Juxtaposer is an awesome photo-editing tool that can make that dream a reality!"


Versione 4.3

This update fixes loading PNG images with transparency in iOS 15.1 as well as some minor UI issues in the New Session screen.

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160 valutazioni

Bvt64 ,

Cancellazione di tutti i lavori salvati

Buona sera, l’app la usavo da molti anni, ed è sempre stata la migliore nella sua categoria, da 5 stelle (con la lode). L’unico grosso problema che ha fatto decadere tutti i giudizi positivi che avevo per questa semplice applicazione che uso per lavoro, è dovuto alla cancellazione dell’App con tutti i lavori che avevo salvato per lavorare, in più per riaverla ho dovuto nuovamente pagarla (5,49)credendo di poter ritrovare tutti i lavori che avevo salvato.
Adesso vi chiedo e possibile riavere i lavori che avevo salvato nella precedente App che avevo e riaverli su questa appena scaricata?

Misterrso ,


Devo dire che è a dir poco fantastica.

Albymes ,

La migliore!!

È la migliore applicazione di fotomontaggio che io abbia mai usato. La uso da anni ed il suo costante aggiornamento la rende sempre ricca, giovane e pronta quando serve.
5⭐️ solo perché di più non si può!

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