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A simple Clock/Information Interface made to take advantage of the iPhone OLED displays. Keep track of time, add a personal note, check the weather, add icons or images to the Information Interface.

The interface takes minor jumps each minute (3 pixels), this is built as a safety measure for OLED panels.

OLEDX is highly energy efficient. By using the most efficient methods to accomplish its main purpose OLEDX achieves very low power consumption.

The iPhone OLED screens make it possible to have zero light emitting from pixels that are not being used, the entire screen will look completely dark while the information interface pixels will emit light.

-Display Time and Date
-Current Weather Face
-Display Battery Information
-Display Icon or Personal Note
-Display Icon
-Dual Time Zone Interface
-Analog Or Digital Clock
-Proximity Sensor Monitoring
-Energy Efficient
-Multiple Watch Faces
-Face color customization
-Star Roofs
-Adjust brightness of the interface by panning up and down across it.
And more.

Star roofs once set will go into a slide show mode and will loop through the set. This is done in order to prevent a single roof from being displayed for extended periods of time.

The Settings button shows on and off when you first enter the app, but you can tap on that position of the screen anytime to access the settings menu. Screen brightness can be adjusted by panning up and down with your finger across the interface.


Versione 1.6

- Bug Fixes & Improvements
- Adds more time zones
- Fixes date not updating immediately for some users
- Updates landscape and weather face
- Fixes alarm issues
- Fixes individual elements issues
- Minor UI fixes

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4.2 su 5
127 valutazioni

127 valutazioni

Lor/0 ,

Molto carina

Molto bella e utile se si ha un iPhone X, Xs o xs max; l’unica pecca è che bisogna implementarla negli shortcuts per farla lavorare al meglio.

MaxSpeedy ,


Does it possible to have the app in italian language?
(I would like to have the date in italian format and language)

thank you

vale355 ,

iPhone X

Ma non funziona con lo schermo bloccato?!!allora è inutile!...

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