The remote app for aurender W20(SE), N10, A30, ACS10, A10, A100, X100, S10 & N100(C & H) which are the most comfortable and enjoyable music system. Now, you can select songs using iPad very easily. You can select songs by not only Artist, album and songs but also composers and conductors.
Supports TIDAL & Qobuz streaming service.

With 64bit iOS devices, you can use power search feature which enable to search albums with any keywords.

For further details, you can refer to our website.

Caution : This app only works with aurender W20(SE), N10, A30, ACS10, A10, A100, X100, S10 & N100(C & H)


バージョン 3.9.29

Changes from 3.9.26
- Enable to change DSD mode for W20SE.

Changes from 3.8
- Improvements
* Qobuz - Supports "Top songs" for Artist
- Bug fixes
* Fixed failed to connect Aurender if IP address of Aurender changed from the last time connected.
* Fixed failed to list up Aurender in the network.
* Fixed Play now doesn't update Queue and current album cover sometimes
* Fixed MQA filter doesn't work properly in specific condition.

Changes from 3.7
- Improvements
* NAS can be added manually without having to browse the network.
* Improved metadata display for Internet radio stations.
* Qobuz
- Added "Most featured", "Qobuzism", and "Ideal Discography" for Albums.
- Better images are now provided for playlists.
- Bug fixes
* Fixed bug where sometimes the queue was not synced when Consume mode is on.
* Fixed bug where sometimes "play now" did not work as expected.
* Removed message for Dual Wire in Settings for N10.
* Fixed a condition when adding content using SmartCopy, the task resulted with Error Code 1001.
* Many other small bugs were fixed too.

Changes from 3.7.16
- Improve VoiceOver
- Fixed A30 fails to login Melon streaming service.

Changes from 3.7.15
- Fixed app crashes in a certain condition when login to a streaming service.

Changes from 3.7
- Improvement & bug fixes.
* Improved VoiceOver accessibility to support setting/clearing favorites for Streaming content with the "star" or "heart" icons to the left of streaming songs or radio stations.
* Fixed an issue where the app crashes when opening Settings>Advanced in certain languages.

Changes from 3.6
- New features
* Added channel test feature (Requires x.21.175 or later)
* Now users can check Conductor tutorial videos tutorial on YouTube.
- Improvement & bug fixes
* Fixed Qobuz playlist is not updated after create a new playlist under certain conditions.
* Fixed "Add to my library" adds only part of albums under certain conditions.
* Improved streaming account setting UI
* Improved stability and fixed tedious bugs.
* Fixed adding a copy task ends up with "Error code: 0" under certain conditions.

Changes from 3.6.10
- Minor bug fix.

Changes from 3.6
- Added Native DSD support for N10

Changes from 3.5.60

- Added Native DSD support for N100/N100C/N100SC
- Added option to manually clear cache
- Better organization for Settings-Advanced tab
- Updated translations for Italian, Japanese and Polish
- Fixed app crash when reopening app from the background
- Fixed app crash with iOS 10.3.x
- Fixed some UI glitches
- Fixed bug with keyword search
- Fixed bug where content was not displayed properly in some scenarios
- Fixed other small bugs

** From Ver.3.7, iOS 10.x will not be supported anymore. Future updates will require iOS version 11.4 or later.

Changes from 3.5.55
- Fixed sudden app crash

Changes from 3.4
- Added TIDAL's "My Mix" - rotating personal playlists based on your listening habits.
- Added Native DSD support for X100 (Requires 5.21.76 or later)
- Added users can reset volume for some USB DACc which has low volume (Requires 1, 4, 5.21.76 or later which will be released in April 2020)
- Conductor now displays an error message to alert a user if streaming service fails to login.
- Add an option to enable/disable a sound effect for adding a track to playlist or queue
- Improve translation
- Improved Aurender search
- Now don't capitalize TIDAL album description.
- Improved stability and fixed other minor bugs

For the detail, please check Aurender home page.


Aurender Inc.

iOS 11.4以降。iPad対応。


日本語、 イタリア語、 ウクライナ語、 オランダ語、 スペイン語、 トルコ語、 ドイツ語、 ハンガリー語、 フランス語、 ポルトガル語、 ポーランド、 ロシア語、 簡体字中国語、 繁体字中国語、 英語、 韓国語

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