The remote app for aurender W20(SE), N10, A30, ACS10, A10, A100, X100, S10 & N100(C & H) which are the most comfortable and enjoyable music system. Now, you can select songs using iPad very easily. You can select songs by not only Artist, album and songs but also composers and conductors.
Supports TIDAL & Qobuz streaming service.

With 64bit iOS devices, you can use power search feature which enable to search albums with any keywords.

For further details, you can refer to our website.

Caution : This app only works with aurender W20(SE), N10, A30, ACS10, A10, A100, X100, S10 & N100(C & H)


バージョン 3.16

Changes from 3.15
- New, improved login process
- Fixed an issue where some users could not set subscription status to “HiFi”
- Now users can update storage settings after change storage for models with storage slots.
- Added an option to set “Critical Listening Mode” for N200

Changes from 3.14.51
- Fixed an issue where the “loading” wheel icon remained on screen until restarting the app in a specific condition.
- Fixed an issue where “remove from my library” command did not work in a specific condition.
- Fixed other minor issues

Changes from 3.14.50
- Fixed a bug which cause app crash in specific condition.

Changes from 3.14
- Supports user-installable storage formatting & setup for N30SA
- Fixed an issue where TIDAL fails to login and user account information is deleted
- Fixed other minor issues

Changes fro 3.13.40
- Added “refresh” button to update Streaming Service and Internet Radio “Favorites”
- Improved support for extended credits of currently playing song from Qobuz
- Improved streaming login process
- Improved connection status management when the app activated from the background
- Improved Streaming Service “Favorites” loading and updating
- Fixed UI bug with duplicate tracks for Qobuz album detail popup
- Fixed other minor bugs

Changes fro 3.13.35
- Improve display of credits for Qobuz
- Fixed Qobuz album lists same track twice with goto album.
- Fixed sort for album by artists

Changes fro 3.13.30
- Fixed intermittent login and connectivity issues which affected some TIDAL and Melon streaming service customers on the Aurender platform.
- Fixed an issue with duplicated TIDAL “favorite” albums for some users

Changes fro 3.13
- Fixed duplicated tracks for album in Qobuz

Changes fro 3.12
- Added Native DSD output support on W20 USB
- Faster streaming login
- Improved Folder View User Interface - Previous folder is centered and highlighted when popup up to a parent folder in the folder view.
- Fixed an app crash issue when searching TIDAL MQA albums in some scenarios
- Fixed an app crash issue when viewing "Top Songs" for some artists for Qobuz
- Fixed other minor issues and improved stability

Changes from 3.13
- Improved Upsampler setting description for supported models
- Fixed a bug where "Advanced 2" Settings menu was not displayed for A10.
- Fixed a bug where songs were being omitted from album list when scrolling in Artist view

Changes from 3.11
- Conductor app now supports split view. (Compatible with iPad Pro, iPad (5th generation and later), iPad Air 2 and later, or iPad mini 4 and later)
- Use Aurender with other apps side by side
- View instructions for iOS multitasking here: [https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT207582](https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT207582)
- Now streaming service icon will be displayed after favorite information is loaded.
- Improved Japanese and Russian translations
- Fixed a bug where the "Replace Queue" command did not work as expected in some scenarios.
- Fixed a volume control UI bug for A10/A100/A30.
- Fixed a bug with the "waiting/loading" visualization sticking in some scenarios.
- Fixed sometimes same content displayed for the streaming service in specific condition.
- Fixed other small bugs.

** From Ver.3.7, iOS 10.x will not be supported anymore. Future updates will require iOS version 11.4 or later.

For the detail, please check Aurender home page.


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