Aurender Conductor for iPhone offers control over your Aurender music server. Search and browse through your personal music collection, plus streaming services like Tidal, Qobuz, and SHOUTcast Internet Radio.


バージョン 1.6

Changes from 1.05
- New, improved login process
- Other minor bug fixes

Changes from 1.04
- Improved updating of "Favorite" Streaming content in real-time
- Changed UI to stabilize MQA Core-Decoder Upgrade in-app purchase
- Other bug Fixes

Changes from 1.03
- Fixed an issue where invalid capacity information was displayed on ACS with RAID set.

Changes from 1.01
* New feature
- Added support for volume control with Constellation pre amps
- Now displays IP Address of discovered Aurender units in "Aurender" Settings menu
* Bug fixes
- Fixed timezone sync between iPhone and Aurender
- Improved stability of connection to Aurender
- Other minor bug fixes

Changes from 1.01
* New feature
- Now users can purchase MQA Core Decoder
- Now users can add Internet radio station just like other Conductor apps
- Supports Chinese and Russian

* Improvement & bug fixes
- Add badges when new tracks added to Queue
- Fixed an issue Native DSD could not be set on X100 and N100
- Fixed failed to load a playlist with broken links
- Fixed small bugs and improved stability

Changes from 1.0
- Now default language is English
- Fixed minor bug and improved stability
- Fixed compatibility issue with iOS 12


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