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Your partner in shaping healthy habits.

HidrateSpark is an easy to use smart water bottle that keeps track of how much water you drink, lights up and glows to remind you to drink more water, and syncs to this app via Bluetooth so you can see your progress.

Key Features:

GLOWS: HidrateSpark will light up and glow when you need to drink more water.
MEASURES: HidrateSpark automatically measures how much water you drink, and sends it to your iOS device via Bluetooth.
RECOMMENDS: This app calculates a recommended hydration goal based on your personal parameters: age, height, weight and sex. It can even use your physical activity and local weather to adjust the goal specifically for you every day.
INTEGRATES: Your activity level affects how much water you need to drink. Connect to Apple Health, Fitbit, Under Armour Record, or Withings HealthMate to use your activity level to automatically adjust your goal. You can also save your hydration records to Apple Health or Fitbit.
HISTORY: See your hydration progress over time in a daily and monthly view. How many days in a row can you reach your goal?
FRIENDS: Keep an eye on your friends’ progress to make sure they are staying hydrated. Start some friendly competition to see who can meet their goal the most days in a row.
FUN REMINDERS: This app will send notifications when you begin to fall behind and need to drink more water. The HidrateSpark smart water bottle will also light up and glow to remind you to stay hydrated.
NEVER LOSE IT: Losing your water bottle is no fun, so we made it harder for this to happen. When location services are turned on, this app will record the last place it was connected to your HidrateSpark smart water bottle, and show you a map so you can go back and get it.

This app works best when paired with a Hidrate Spark Smart Water Bottle. But even without one, all the other features will still work for you as a water intake and hydration tracker! You can get a hydration goal, manually record your fluid intake, track your history, share with friends, and get hydration reminders on your iOS device.

Benefits of water:

HEALTH: Alongside a healthy diet and proper exercise, hydration can help dramatically improve your physical health.
SKIN: Proper hydration helps skin retain moisture for a bright, healthy glow
COGNITION & MOOD: Your brain is 75% water, so proper hydration can have a positive impact on cognitive function and mood.
ATHLETIC PERFORMANCE: Even 1-2% dehydration can decrease physiological performance, and 5% dehydration can decrease your physical performance by 30%. So if you want to win, you better be hydrated.
WEIGHT LOSS: Combined with a healthy diet and exercise, drinking water can increase your metabolism and help you avoid eating and drinking extra calories.
INCREASED ENERGY: Drinking plenty of water helps with blood circulation, thus decreasing your feeling of tiredness and fatigue.
AVOID HEADACHES: Staying properly hydrated can help avoid headaches.
HEALTHIER SKIN: Staying properly hydrated helps your skin stay hydrated to help it look younger and healthier.
BOOST IMMUNITY: Staying properly hydrated can help you fight off illness and infections.
PREGNANCY: Pregnant and breastfeeding moms need to be properly hydrated so they can support their new baby.

Learn more about HidrateSpark products at www.hidratespark.com

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バージョン 3.2.1

Bug fixes and improvements, fixes formatting on iPad.




wan user

useful the intake of water

About how it works

This app simply measures the amount of water I drink from a HIDRATESPARK bottle.

It can tell me what time drank water and how much drank. It lets me know how many milliliters of water I drank in a sip. I think this is a very useful APP to do the rhythm of my life.

Since I started using this bottle and APP, I can achieve my goal of drinking 2000 mL of water every day. This has helped my dehydration and low blood pressure.

But if you just want to know how much water you drink in a day. You just drink from a reusable bottle and record how many bottles you drink. There is no need to buy these expensive bottles with blue tooth sensors.

As others have commented, the amount of water is not accurate either. I poured 620 mL of water into the Hidrate Spark PRO bottle. However, when the bottle was empty, the amount of water shown was 666mL on the App. This product has an error of about 7 %.

About the App

This App cannot be registered with an Apple ID using SIGN IN WITH Apple.

The instructions on how to use the App are unfriendly.

“Upon reassembly, we recommend recalibrating your sensor within the app”

but I don’t know where the function is hidden.

So, when I get tired of drinking water, I dump the remaining water out of the bottle and fill the bottle with a new cup of tea. In this case, the disposed of water is considered to have been drunk. It is added to the number of water intakes.

I am not sure where the Find my Bottle function is located.


I would like to see detailed instructions on how to use the App via YouTube.

The functionality of the linkage with Apple Watch is limited. I would like to have a function to notify me when it is time to drink water as a reminder on my Apple Watch.

Since the instructions that come with the product are written in 15 languages, I think many users would be happier if the APP were localized in multiple languages as well.

You guys keep sending out better products for our health care. I am looking forward to it.

Muriel E

Accurate intake

Bottle holds 24 ounces (I measured it) but the app reads that I drank more!!! Today I am on my 4th bottle and app says I drank over 100 ounces when it should read 96 ounces. (4 times 24 is 96). Not impressed with this app.



activity lever を色々変えてもrecommended で8000mlのままで変化しません。


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