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2300 Kanji words from levels N5 N4 N3 N2 N1, 10000 vocabulary arranged in topics and 120 Japanese conversation lessons are ready to download now

We have more over 5 years of experience working in the field of Japanese language education. We understand the difficulty of learning Japanese. Since then, we have researched and created this Japanese learning application to help you learn Japanese effectively by yourself.

Features of the application:
1. More than 2300 beautifully designed essential Kanji for learning efficiently .
- Study Kanji feature: Kanji is shown specifically how to read Onyomi, Kunyomi and its examples. Each example has sounds which help you practice effectively and help you distinguish the differences between onyomi and kunyomi pronunciation.
The favorite feature helps you to store your favorite kanji words so you can easily manage it
- FlashCard practice feature: Kanji is displayed with 4 modes: displaying kanji, choosing the correct answer, matching the correct answer, listening and choosing the correct answer
- Test Quiz feature: It helps you check your Kanji learning process. The completed results will be displayed in the kanji lesson header

2. Learn 10000 Japanese Vocabulary
◇ 1000 JLPT N5 Japanese Vocabulary with 12 topics
◇ 1500 JLPT N4 Japanese Vocabulary with 7 topics
◇ 2000 JLPT N3 Japanese Vocabulary with 12 topics
◇ 2500 JLPT N2 Japanese Vocabulary with 12 topics
◇ 3000 JLPT N1 Japanese Vocabulary with 14 topics
- Listen to a single vocabulary, listen to examples. You can not only learn vocabulary but also imitate Japanese pronunciation. Please experience learning vocabulary and listening practice with the app

- Listen to the whole lesson. After each lesson, you should listen to the entire lesson to review and remember the words you have learned before. You can review the previous lesson by listening and remembering the meaning of the word. Always use it. A super cool function of the app.

- Learn vocabulary with FlashCard: The vocabulary in the lesson will be randomly displayed. When you click on the center of the card, it will show the meaning of the vocabulary and pronunciation sound. You can click on the left of the card to return to the previous and click on the right of the card to switch to a new word. All of them are reciprocal animated very pretty. There is an on-off function for your practice.

- Listening and writing vocabulary: The vocabulary in the lesson will also be random and show the meaning only. In the beginning, the sound will be played then you enter the word in the box and press the check button to check your results. You can listen to the vocabulary one more time if you want.

- Practice vocabulary test: After each lesson, there is a practice test. Remember to complete it, the results will be updated to the completion of the lesson.

- Vocabulary notebook: Save the vocabulary that you do not know or do not remember in your vocabulary book by clicking on the star next to the vocabulary. There is a vocabulary review function in your notebook which help you practice and remember longer.

- The function of completing the lesson: when you do not practice, it will automatically save the results and mark your progress.

3. Practice listening and improve conversation ability
With more than 60 Japanese conversations and 1800 basic Japanese conversation sentences, this app will help you improve your communication ability

4. Learn the Hiragana and Katakana alphabets


バージョン 5.2

We always listen to the user experience and improve the app further
Bug fixes and performance improvements






I’m quite young to actually pay for the premium so I didn’t get it. Although I checked out all of the free stuff and I’m impressed with the content you give for free. The rating just missed out on another star as the pop up ads are annoying. Either way though I’m happy with this and I will continue to use it. Thank you for your efforts <3


Thank you for supporting the product, we have just reduced the ads even more so that non-paid users can learn more easily


Not bad, not great

I think this app overall has a nice feel to it, BUT there are a several of mistakes with the meanings of words, spelling, punctuation, readings, etc For example, on the reading for 隣 the developer has it as おなり which is completely wrong and not even close to an alternative reading. That being said, I did purchase the full version. I was looking to review my Japanese and see around what JLPT level I am. I think if the developer added an error reporting feature, that would be great. People could report kanji, grammar, vocabulary, etc that needs fixing and the developer can fix it. — Overall — Pro: *Nice UI *Easy to use *Nice pacing *Fairly unobtrusive even if you use the free version Cons: *Even if you pay for the full version, the ad for buying the full version pops up and the purchase button isn’t disabled. I can easily imagine someone doing a double or triple purchase by thinking it didn’t go through. *Mistakes in readings on some Kanji *Punctuation errors / inconsistent punctuation *Sometimes the example sentences don’t match the Japanese *Uses British translations (not exactly an issue but sometimes it’s inconsistent) I think for light review it’s fine but don’t make this your only test prep. You’ll lose points on really simple or obvious things.


Nice idea but

The app is nice, easy to use and has a great mix of stuff.
However a lot of content has just been taken straight from アルク textbooks including the audio files. Not sure if I want to subscribe if there I don’t trust there to be original content🤔 (would rather give my money to the authors)
You also need an option to completely remove romaji, and the conversation topics are bit all over the place as they switch between casual and polite Japanese. I love the idea of having everything in one place though.


Hi, thank you for your interest and use of this product. Now the app has added many powerful hands-on features. Hope you always use the app


Great experience learning Japanese all in one


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