Ride - track your eSK8 rides 4+

Kane Cheshire


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Ride - the ultimate eSK8 companion app. Stop using apps built for running!



- Ride automatically finds all photos you took during a ride, you don't have to do anything except take photos. Works with most camera apps that save to the camera roll on your iPhone.

- Tap anywhere on a route to see what speed you were travelling.

- Track your rides with Ride on iPhone or Apple Watch, completely independently. Rides automatically sync from your Apple Watch to your iPhone.

- See your current, average and top speed instantly during your ride.

- Track total elevation gain and loss to figure out the best routes.

- Ride for Apple Watch speedometer is always available during a ride, just start a ride and raise your wrist.

- View individual ride total distance, duration, top speed and more.

- See your overall Ride stats like total distance ridden combined.

- View your entire ride history on a beautiful map.

- Epic ride? Gorgeous smooth roads? Easily share a bespoke image of your route.

- Smart-saving discards rides you accidentally started.

- Real-time syncing of settings across the iOS and watchOS apps.


OPTIONALLY, connect to a Boosted Vehicle for an enhanced experience:

- Automatically start tracking a ride as soon as your vehicle starts moving, without even launching the app. (iOS only)

- Automatically end a ride when your vehicle disconnects.

- Monitor your current charge level and status.

- View and change your current vehicle mode from either iPhone or Apple Watch. (Your vehicle must be stationary to change mode!)

- Smart, configurable notifications for critical battery levels and when your vehicle is "sufficiently charged".

- IFTTT support allowing you to hook up WiFi sockets to IFTTT triggers when your vehicle is sufficiently charged etc (handy for people who live at the top of hills and can't charge their vehicle to 100%)

- Share your current vehicle stats in a bespoke snapshot.


More eSK8 boards are being considered for future versions.


Feeling generous and want to support future development of Ride? Find the optional in-app purchases to tip Kane Cheshire, the independent designer and developer who works on Ride.


Feature request or something not working quite right? Reach out on Twitter or Reddit and let me know.


バージョン 2.3

- Adds serial number, firmware version, battery firmware version, model number etc to vehicle info.
- More overall Ride app stats: longest distance recorded in a single ride, longest duration recorded in a single ride, total locations recorded and most locations recorded in a single ride.
- Adds a way for you to export rides to JSON, and import again. You could use this to export from one device and import on another, until cross-device syncing is built. This also means you can "back up" your rides before trying out a beta of Ride or iOS, since you can't always downgrade.

- Improves odometer calculation, specifically for the Rev which was wildly incorrect. You might find that the value is slightly different or incorrect until you next connect your vehicle.
- Fixes an issue where the app could be killed in the background while a ride is paused, causing you to lose your in-progress ride.
- Fixed a few crashes with Realm, the underlying database that Ride currently uses.
- Fixes a bug where the ride snapshot when sharing a ride would look wrong if the device is in dark mode.





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