Requires a Mac with Bluetooth LE running macOS High Sierra or newer, and an iOS device with Bluetooth LE running iOS 11.2 or newer.
Please make sure your devices fully support before purchasing Unlox.
• Works with multiple Macs, iOS devices and Apple Watches at once.
• Unlock your Mac using Touch ID, Face ID, passcode, or Apple Watch..
• Interactive notifications – you don't even have to unlock your iOS device!
• Control your Mac's audio and volume – works with iTunes & Spotify!
• Manually lock your Mac or start screensavers.
• AutoLock when your iOS device moves away from your Mac.
• AutoWake & automatic unlocking when returning to your Mac.
• 3D Touch shortcuts.
• Notification Center widget – unlock your Mac from anywhere on your iOS device.
• See your MacBook's battery level in the widget.
• Share clipboard text to and from your Mac.
• Choose from beautiful colour schemes and change the app icon.
• Use to authorise tasks that require your macOS admin password. (Admin accounts only)
• Never connects to the Internet without your consent.
• Your macOS password is never broadcast and never leaves your Mac.
• Incredibly simple to use but packed full of features and options.

You don't need to open the app to unlock your Mac. Unlox Intelligently sends notifications when one of your connected Macs is woken up, which you can action directly from your iOS lock screen using either your fingerprint, face or passcode.

Action notifications when tasks require your macOS admin password, like moving protected files to Trash or changing a setting. (Admin accounts only)

You can also play, pause and skip iTunes & Spotify on your Mac remotely. Audio controls work anywhere the physical keys would on your Mac. Now you can even control your Mac's volume level!

Press hard on the app icon to quickly access settings or to lock and unlock your Macs.

Create URL schemes to lock and unlock your Mac from other apps like Shortcuts.

Clipboard sharing is built right in – share any piece of text quickly and reliably.

Enable AutoLock and your Mac will automatically lock when your iOS device moves away from it. You will even get notified when your Mac locks itself.

Enable AutoWake and your Mac will wake its display when your iOS device gets near, with the option to automatically unlock it.

Includes a handy Notification Center widget, which will show all your currently connected Macs and give you quick access to lock and unlock them from anywhere on your iOS device.

Great support for hardware keyboards so you can zip about the UI really quickly and intuitively.

The iOS app needs to be paired with the free Unlox for macOS companion app, which you must download from unlox.it/get

Pairing Unlox for iOS with Unlox for macOS will enable Tap to Unlock, an exclusive way to unlock your Mac by tapping a custom tap pattern into your Magic Trackpad or Magic Mouse. Exclusive to Unlox.

Unlox is not compatible with MacID.


バージョン 3.0.0

Unlox v3 is here! Please note v3 is not compatible with v2 and you will need to update Unlox for macOS to v3 as soon as possible to keep using Unlox. Unlox v3 is a free update for all existing Unlox users.

Here's what's changed:

- Unlox for iOS can now control your Mac's volume level.
- Unlox for iOS has an option to manually start the screensaver from the context menu.
- Unlox for macOS can now connect to multiple iOS devices, meaning you can connect one or more iOS devices to one Mac, and one or more Macs to one iOS device. I recommend adding no more than two iOS devices per Mac (an iPhone and iPad work nicely!), but you're welcome to add as many as you like.
- Each iOS device you add to Unlox for macOS has independent AutoLock and AutoWake controls.
- Added logging to the iOS app that will never leave your iOS device unless you want it to. If you're ever experiencing issues with Unlox, you can share those logs with me by tapping on the option in Settings and then sharing over email etc. Your privacy and trust has always been Unlox's top priority and it always will be.
- Unlox for iOS is now more power-efficient. Unlox has always been one of the most power-efficient apps on your phone, but now it's even better, and you'll likely never even see it show in the battery usage section of your phone settings for a lot of the time.
- Some small tweaks to text used in the app, like saying "Unlock" instead of "Okay" when being asked to confirm if Unlox should unlock your Mac. This makes it clearer what confirming will actually do, which is great for everyone but even better for accessibility.
- Confirmation alerts for unlocking/entering your password now automatically dismiss if your Mac is unlocked from another device or Tap to Unlock etc.

- Unlox for iOS and macOS have been re-written to fix the missing name bug on Mojave.
- For some people, Unlox for macOS would see their iOS device as a "new" device periodically. This should be fixed in v3 by using a more robust system pairing when setting up your Mac. If you see a system pairing popup during setup, make sure you accept so that Unlox for macOS can securely connect to your phone as a trusted device.

I'd like to take this opportunity to thank you all for your continued support. I know this update took much longer than people expected, including me! There have been some issues to work around but I think it's mostly there now. Let me know how you get on by tweeting me @UnloxHelp!




Look Like Poco

No Mac connected

アンロック時、Mac側のUnloxがクラッシュする方は、入力ソースとして英語を追加してみてください。 そうすると、パスワードが入力され、アンロックできます。


V3.0.0 works well on Mojave 10.14.6 / iOS 12.4 / watchOS 5.3

MacID からの愛用者です。
・Mojave 10.14.6
・iOS 12.4
・watchOS 5.3

 公式Blogでは、watchOSの制限でApple Watchに関してはまだ動作に不満が残るとの記述がありましたが、私は今のところ快適に動作しています。

 実は、macOSでApple Watchによるロック解除がサポートされてからはしばらく使っていませんでした。

 ところが先日Mojave アップデート後からそちらが上手く動作しなくなってしまいました。いろいろ対処を試みたのですが成功せず、MacID を思い出して再インストールしたらあっさりと解決したばかりでした。

 今回Unlox を知り導入して見たのですが、同様の使い心地で喜んでいます。

以上、2019/08/04 記入



iPhone側のUnloxを開きっぱなしにしておけば、Macのスリープ解除でiPhoneに通知が来て、いつでもFaceIDでMacにログインできます。大変便利です! ただ、たまにSignal Strengthが0のままになって、Bluetoothを認識してないかのような状態になる事があります。その場合は、Mac側のUnloxをリスタートするか、Bluetoothをオフ→オンすると、復旧するようです。また、iPhoneが勝手に再起動する頻度が上がります。1日1回程度再起動してしまいます。


Kane Cheshire

iOS 11.2以降。iPhone、iPad、およびiPod touchに対応。



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