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Even "666 weeks since the wedding".

Thatday saves your romantic events, informs you about anniversaries and big days, offers you timely occupations and places to visit.

Create your personal memory's diary, add romantic events. Our algorithm shows you not only anniversaries but also such dates like 1000 days after your wedding, 3 years 3 months 3 days after the beginning of your relationship and much more.

No time to arrange a romantic dinner? Look what our partners can offer you in different cities: flower delivery, hot air ballooning, a date on the roof of a skyscraper or a candlelight dinner.

Enough time? View our ideas! You can find step by step tutorials that shows how to convert an ordinary evening into something magical.

Every anniversary is an occasion to refresh your relationship and to get out of your house. We also show you public events in your city. No events found? You can search in other cities! Maybe it is time to visit Paris because a festival of your sweetheart’s favorite music is currently held there?

Useful for:

The attentive ones, who want to save up the brightest events of their life, their family life... First date, wedding, child's first step, family trips - all of them.
The forgetful ones, who keeps forgetting anniversaries and important dates.
The busy ones, who works a lot and doesn't have time for any arrangements.
Those who are in love, who needs just an excuse to turn an ordinary evening into a bright event.
The drained ones, who need to refresh their relationship

What you get from Thatday:

Stories – fairy tales, which will stay with you forever and you can tell your grandchildren.
Smiles – causes to please and delight your sweetheart.
Ideas – step by step instructions on how to make a surprise.
Information – events in your city, which you can visit on your special day.
Leisure – time to enjoy the company of your beloved one while everything is being organized for you by professionals.

Current features:
Timeline of romantic dates.
Notifications about coming events on big days.
Ideas for a romantic evening
Our partner’s offers
A callback
Possibility to share a lovely date with your friends
Choice of a city
Public events in your city

Coming features:
Account connecting
Your sweetheart’s photo-wishlist
More and more offers of our partners all over the world.

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Versión 1.08

Fixed several bugs and interface improvements

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