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Versie 15.1.0

Enjoy our latest update where we have fixed some bugs and improved our app to provide you a seamless shopping experience.

Beoordelingen en recensies

2.8 van 5
189 beoordelingen

189 beoordelingen

piwie52 ,

Do not load account

I live in the Netherlands and i can’t login
So i do not use this any more . I login on the website

Riotriotriotriot ,

Won't display anything on a cellular connection

Like the title says.

Can't shop or check orders with a 4G connection.

Instead it shows a warning the connection isn't good enough.

This is hilarious as the connection is a very fast one.

This is silly. Deleting it. See you when you wake up in 2017.

Krapauw ,

Can’t set language

I live in the Netherlands but for full experience I must use the German Amazon webshop. When I use this in Dutch language, I can’t get precise information. So I prefer to use the German shop in the German language.
But my phone is in Dutch. So every time the app wants to adapt itself and then decides to switch to Dutch. After which confirmation e-mails are sent that I switched my language.
When I set it back to German the whole circus repeats itself. I live in the European Union where free traffic of goods, services and people are guaranteed. But according to this Amazon app, once you’re across the border you can’t use a language, used by your neighbors. Very very very..... urhh... American.....!


Amazon Europe Core SARL
167.7 MB

Vereist iOS 10.0 of nieuwer. Compatibel met iPhone, iPad en iPod touch.


Duits, Engels, Frans, Italiaans, Japans, Portugees, Spaans, Vereenv. Chinees

Deze app kan je locatie gebruiken zelfs als de app niet geopend is. Hierdoor kan de batterij sneller leegraken.


  • Wallet

    Bewaar al je passen, tickets, kaarten en meer op één plek.

  • Delen met gezin

    Tot zes gezinsleden kunnen deze app gebruiken als Delen met gezin staat ingeschakeld.

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