Baybayin is the indigenous script of the Philippines that has made a resurgence as a way to express Filipino cultural identity. The Baybayin Keyboard lets you type baybayin characters on your iPhone or iPad. It functions seamlessly as an alternate system keyboard that can be used within apps such as Messages, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

The Baybayin Keyboard includes two keyboard layouts: Traditional and Modernized. The Modernized layout is laid out similarly to your QWERTY keyboard so you can type faster. It also includes modernized characters for RA, ZA, VA, FA, and JA, as well as alternatives for I and U vowels.

What’s New

Version 1.9.36

This is the first major update since we first released the Baybayin Keyboard nearly 5 years ago! Thank you very much your support. We are so humbled by seeing it be used by so many Pinoys and Pinays all around the world! Baybayin is no longer a dead writing system. Let’s keep it going!

First, we have renamed the keyboard layouts to Traditional and Modernized. These names better reflect their usage— especially going forward. You may need to re-add your keyboard setting in Settings. We apologize for this inconvenience.

Traditional Keyboard Layout Updates
- The keys have be re-laid out according to the order found in the 1593 Doctrina Cristiana— rather than Western “alphabetical” order.
- Slightly color changes to highlight the kudlit keys.
- The Hanunu’o pamudpud virama has been replaced with the X virama. Unfortunately, the pamudpud is no longer compatible with the Tagalog unicode character set so we had to replace it. Although the X virama is a pretty recent invention, it is easier to see on a phone screen than the Spanish introduced cross.

Modernized Keyboard Layout Updates
- If you press the shift key, you will now see modernized characters for RA, ZA, VA, FA, JA, I, and U! They are just slightly decorated versions of their close relatives, as to not introduce a new character. They can be used for better clarity in your messages, whenever necessary.
- We introduced a RA that doesn’t require a special font. In fact, even if you install a separate font, RA no longer appears. System fonts have been locked down now, so we have to deprecate support for our modernized font. You can still use unicode 170D for RA— which is useful if you’ve installed a font for use in a publishing app. The RA we introduced is not perfect, but it resembles the RA that is now widely recognized. Let’s hope that the Unicode Standard gets updated to formally recognize RA.
- The other modernized characters (ZA, VA, FA, JA) also resemble a mixture of the of the popular proposals found on the Internet.
- The circle and apostrophe style kudlits have been replaced with a new dash kudlit. We felt that they were redundant. You can use the new dash kudlits to represent -i and -u. You can use the traditional dot kudlits for -e and -o.
- Similarly with the Traditional layout, we have removed the pamudpud, as it is no longer compatible with the Tagalog unicode character set.

We hope you enjoy the new update!

Ratings and Reviews

4.1 out of 5
131 Ratings

131 Ratings

iPhone4 critix ,

Its good! but app needs improvement

Please include the following if possible:

1. it lacks of special characters like peso sign, bullets , "@" sharp "&" ☆♪➝etc.

2. No emoji

3. the spacing width is narrow

4. unable to translate the text via google translate because it don't represent English text

if you type "ᜊ" the translator will read the character as "ba"

5. add english keyboard inside the baybayin, I only use one keyboard and its pain to change keyboard everytime I want to add english character on my sentence.

6. the kudlit E/I O/U is redundant because there is a E/I , O/U as primary character. to avoid this, make a flick keyboard like japanese 12key flick keyboard.

6.1 the keyboard doesn't have character suggestion to save up spaces on the keyboard.

6.2 add pamudpod to the suggestion so you can remove one pamudpod on the keyboard and should be on the suggested character.

6.3 make the suggestion show emoji

example the user type ᜋᜆ(mata)
keyboard should suggest emoji like eyes 👀

Josh Vidal Fernandez ,


I find this app enjoyable to have. The dalubhasa option is good, though it might require a little research before effective use because the dalubhasa keyboard is "all baybayin styles" friendly (not all). I just have a few issues: I don't know what the double kudlit is for. I've heard of a double kudlit that has one dot on top of the glyph and one below (tricky), but never two on top. Another issue/suggestion I'd like to address is the keyboard layout. I want to be able to type efficiently on it, however, the keyboard is too small for my fingers. Maybe it could be stretched? I don't know. I know there ain't as much keys for baybayin, but it's hard to type in a really small keyboard. Oh, and the backspace is weird. I can't press once and wait for the deletion. I have to press it multiple times to erase. Other than that, good job pare!

its_migol ,

4/5 Improvements

Sa totoo lang, maganda na yung layout. The letters are complete. The scripture is accurate, and you can easily access it. However, some of the things I would recommend is making it a little bit more tweakable. The keyboard height as well as a better looking dark mode keyboard theme. You can even add a the trackpad feature of the factory virtual keyboard (the one where you hold the space key down and the keyboard turns into a trackpad). Kudos to your work in keeping Baybayin alive. ᜉᜇᜌᜓᜈ͓᜵ ᜃᜉᜆᜒᜇ͓!


Christopher Castillo
18.7 MB

Requires iOS 9.1 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.



Age Rating
₱ 99.00


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    Up to six family members will be able to use this app with Family Sharing enabled.

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