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A lot of people around the world are meteosensitivity or meteodependent. MeteoAgent app helps you to check the weather changes and its impacts on your health:

1) Track the weather changes.
2) Get notifications when they changed.
3) Check and control your health with MeteoAgent diary.

Safe your health and check these indicators before each day start:

– K-index (sun activity level)
– Atmosphere Pressure Level
– Humidity level
– Temperature level

If you see critical indicators – plan your day and limit your physical and mental activities. Follow the balance in your life and feel better when nature changes.

BONUS: Compare your health feelings with other people in your area (anonymously).


Versão 2.0.2

MeteoAgent - the application for people with weather pains has been updated again!

We provide forecasts of magnetic storms, solar (Sun) activity, atm. pressure and temperature drop for weather-dependent (meteoropathy) people.

– Check the weather changes
– Understand your weather pains
– Be ready to weather changes

What's new:

- Updated X-ray analytics technology by TESIS © Solar Satellite.
- Updated UV-index (ultraviolence radiation).
- Updated design - now you can see more forecasts for weather-dependent people;

We gift a whole month of free access to all new users.


- PUSH notifications;
- Widgets for mobile screen.

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