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The world's most powerful combat helicopters are here, waiting for you to take control of them and rain destruction on your enemies!

Become a helicopter pilot and suppress minor conflicts or even war in various corners of the world. 『GUNSHIP BATTLE』 is a helicopter battle action game that combines state-of-the-art 3D graphics technology, flight simulation and modern military information. The moment you start the game, you will lose yourself in the excitement of a new kind of action game that you have never experienced before.

【 Features 】

▷ The game uses operation control optimized for 3D flight, which makes it easy for anyone to enter the game.

▷ Some of the world's most powerful combat/multipurpose helicopters are available in the game. Each helicopter has its own unique and interesting characteristics and can be customized with various weapons and devices of your choice.

▷ You can mount a variety of weapons and special equipment of your choice, such as radar and boosters, depending on the characteristics of your helicopter.

▷ Episode mode consists of story missions that were created based on actual stories of various wars and conflicts that took place in the real world.

▷ After you played an episode, you can either up the challenge and play the game at a higher difficulty level or enjoy playing a customized mission.

If you enjoyed FPS, shooting or racing games, try GUNSHIP BATTLE. What could be more thrilling than flying across the sky in the middle of intense enemy crossfire!

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ما الجديد

الإصدار 2.6.60

This app has been updated by Apple to display the Apple Watch app icon.

1) New Gunship F-8K has been added.
2) Episode 28 has been added.
3) 2x Reward Stages on Custom Missions have been changed.
4) Miscellaneous bug fixes and improvements have been made.

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fopubgrandlord ،


I hope there are more updates and levels it’s such a great game and a disappointment to see it abandoned

الشايب الختيار لكبير ،

Game tipped him and Samj and caused carefree and narrow-chested

This game is very bad, which designed the game made it very difficult and the prices of the aircraft are very expensive and very expensive, as the weapons are very weak, and the evidence is that the machine gun in which some planes are stronger than the missile. The planes are weak and fall off very easily and the daily gifts are very bad and never happy. I hope Apple will delete this failed game now and immediately.

abo 3abdh ،

Game crash

When i start play misson 4 in EP3

The game will crash☹️

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