Drambo is an innovative modular groovebox and audio processing environment. Modular components are used to build synthesized and sample based instruments or audio effects using high-quality DSP and audio-rate modulation. Tied to a powerful sequencer, it’s an optimal music creation tool for sound design, composition, performance and experimentation.

At the heart of Drambo lies an entirely new concept that makes modular creations easy, fun and affordable. Modules are connected automatically, with no cables as you add or rearrange them. A dynamic interface creates modulation knobs when you need them. Modules may house other modules, so you can keep your patch well organized. Of course, automatic connections can be overridden. In Drambo you can focus on playing with sound and signal structure without getting lost in wires.

Use a deep and innovative sequencer to compose patterns and whole tracks, for production or live performance. Go beyond simple looping sequences with parameter locking, conditional step components, and powerful scene morphing. Drambo works equally well as a self-contained standalone app or audio unit plugin with audio and MIDI connectivity as an AUV3 instrument, audio effect and MIDI effect. No modular experience necessary to get started playing with preset sounds and effects.

You can use Drambo as

• A complete music production and performance environment

• Endless modular playground, that allows you to build, modify and store custom instruments and effects. For instance: build a custom synth, sample and resample, build a Theremin using a gyroscope module, or turn your table into a playable surface, by processing microphone input with physical modelling modules. Get weird or make functional instruments and tools.

• MIDI sequencer, that works with hardware and AUv3 instruments (e.g. Drambo sequences other instruments in an AU host app). Moreover Drambo can generate custom MIDI CC messages or modulation signals to control modular synths via DC coupled interfaces.

• AUv3 synthesizer, effect or sequencer in other DAWs. Drambo can replace a lot of audio plugins. For instance: you may use it as a chorus, phaser, reverb, filter, equalizer, complex modular delay, decimator, frequency shifter, MIDI effect or complex modulator for other synths. You may combine, modulate and sequence them in no time.


• Polyphonic, stereo processing and audio-rate modulation. All signals are equal. Up to 8 voices per modular instrument rack.

• Unique modular concept: cable-less, drag'n'drop, color coding dynamic interface, automatic connections, and customizable compact, rack views.

• Directional flow makes Drambo routing and patching straightforward. Signal flows only left to right, so there are no instant feedback routings in Drambo. Delayed feedback is possible using certain modules.

• Simple and clean interface, that scales to every size and device orientation

• Custom modular racks that can be nested, with presets at the track, rack, and module level.

• Multiple modulators per parameter without additional mixer modules.

• 16-track, polyphonic step sequencer with parameter locks and step components.

• Audio Units hosting ( standalone app only )

• Over 120 modules available, such as: oscillators, samplers, physical modelling modules, LFOs, envelope generators, filters, audio effects, mixers, MIDI processors, sequencers and math functions.

• Morph groups: you can morph many parameters using a single slider.

• Available as a standalone app, AUv3 instrument, effect and MIDI effect.

• MIDI, MPE and Ableton Link support

Drambo is an open-ended app. This is just the beginning. Many modules and exciting updates are planned.

With Drambo, you are in charge. Create the music from your vision to reality.

"Drambo changes the face of iOS music apps." Cult of Mac

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Version 1.32

• Modules browser window
- Is non-modal now. You may pin it and keep adding and connecting modules while the window is open
- Browsing by tags
- You can select Audio Units and samples when adding modules (AU modules, Flexi sampler, Shot sampler - available as a presets category)

• New modules
- Euclidean sequencer module (MIDI) - generate euclidean sequences and chain them
- Flanger effect - with special interpolation algorithm, that preserves clarity in entire audible range
- Crossover layers module - process 3 bands separately in layers
- Knobs module - build a matrix of modulation knobs
- Multi CC modulator module - build a matrix of knobs to generate multiple CC events

- Support for multiple MIDI input/output ports
- MIDI clock input and output synchronization

• Modifications
- Full-screen sequence view (on iPads)
- New metronome settings: Off, Always, Recording
- Layer modules: you may connect modules between layers
- Pattern length may be set down to 1 beat
- Phaser module: feedback parameter is bidirectional now
- Flexi sampler: fade in and out times extended to 15s
- Sampler: folder loading improved with better key / velocity recognition
- Recorded samples are auto-named according to key or date/time

• Fixes
- Adding modulators on Macs M1
- Problems with muted tracks
- Sampler: wrong loop marker positions after recording to key
- Problems with sending MIDI notes to Audio Units while using piano keyboards on pads
- Different layout bugs in modules
- Minor bugs and stability improvements

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4.8 av 5
11 betyg

11 betyg

ErrkaPetti ,

Grymt musikprogram!!

Detta världsklass projekt - modulärt uppbyggt musikprogram är verkligen superhäftigt!

Kraftfullt, men, bör läggas många timmar till utbildning och lärning innan man hittar rätt!
Väldigt omfattande app!


Static66666 ,


A whole lot of people I respect love this app and the dev is awesome i mean they created sunrizer! Which has been out since before most of us even had ipads , so ignore my comment but for my ipad air 2 on ios14 it takes too much resources. On top of that im not getting the workflow. You should probly ignore my comment though cuz this is a very very well loved app on all the forums i visit, and with most the folks i know. Its just that me personally, i know this wont become a go to app for me cuz it is way way too experimental and time consuming on top of the fact i domt wanna buy a new ipad just yet.


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