A music sequencer reimagined with multiple playheads.

"How Bach would have made a sequencer." (Create Digital Music)
"A musical feat." (Creator's Project)
"A new approach to sequencing." (XLR8R)
"A next generation music sequencer." (Ask Audio)

FUGUE MACHINE is a tool inspired by composition techniques used in Baroque music and Serialism — e.g. Bach’s canons and fugues, and Schoenberg’s twelve-tone technique. The idea was to design a tool to manipulate a melody’s speed, direction, and pitch, as well as play multiple variations of the melody simultaneously.

As it turned out, the best implementation for this was to reimagine one of the most fundamental building blocks of all music sequencers: the piano roll.

FUGUE MACHINE is the world’s first multi-playhead piano roll. Create a music sequence and play it back with up to four playheads at once — each at various speeds, directions, pitches, and more. Watch the playheads dance, and hear the complex patterns that emerge.

It’s mesmerizing.

Fugue Machine supports iPhone, iPad, MIDI, AUv3 MIDI, Ableton Link, Audiobus, Audiobus 3 MIDI, and Inter-App Audio.


Version 1.5.16

Fugue Machine 1.5 — iPhone support, AUv3 support, more scales, piano roll gesture improvements, and more. See 1.5.0 Version History for more info.

iOS 13 caused a few UI issues in the More Menu. All fixed now.

The new position no longer blocks the bottom toolbar buttons or the transpose control, making Fugue Machine more playable when the menu is open.

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16 betyg

SinisterSnake72 ,

En helt fantastisk app för musikskapande!

Har du idé torka är detta appen för dig, oändligt många möjligheter att skapa olika sekvenser. Roligt och beroende framkallande på samma gång. Lätt att förstå!

Låter toppen med det inbyggda ljudet men om inte det räcker använd valfritt ljud från dina synth eller daw appar genom ex Audiobus.

Brukar vara dålig på att ge betyg men nu var jag tvungen..

Denna appen är ett givet verktyg för den som skapar egen musik i iOS. Bara sätta igång och låta fantasin flöda..

marcuspresident ,

Music gets interesting really fast with Fugue

I really like that this app got updated with AU functionality. Can not think of any music app that´s this innovative and sampler to get complex melodys out of.

Static66666 ,

Really nice addition to studio!

When this came out i wrote "With 4 play heads it gets interesting fast. Good stuf!"

* update 2019
this app is really useful for exploring melody. And now it has been updated with auv3!!!!! Which means it just gained an allll new level of usefulnes, I will totally startusing this in beatmaker3 by intua and nanostudio by blipinteractive.

If you like exploring melody, try chordian , figure, step polyarp, and sound prism pro, and hexasound. You can gain a really heavy grasp of music theory and rythym just from playing around with these. Not really so much more than pocket change for the area they cover.


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