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The new Yubii Home Center app is a combination of up to day trends and cutting-edge technology to make smart home management even more comfortable and efficient.

The new app is equipped with an intuitive dashboard designed to every last detail. After switching the app on, you can immediately see the Home Summary displaying everything you need to know about your home with just one glimpse. Monitor the state of the alarm, temperature, lighting, doors and windows, blinds and gates, switches and many more depending on your preferences.

See the Room Summary to manage all the devices in the system in a given room. It’s a comfortable and quick way of adjusting the space to your needs at all times.

Yubii Home Center presents a very convenient way of managing all the scenes that you use at home. Monitor them, change the settings and switch on and off within one click.

Yubii Home Center uses machine learning to learn your habits and preferences. It suggests which actions you want to take on the basis of your previous behaviors.

With Yubii Home Center you can manage your home with your iPhone or Apple Siri voice assistant. The app is compatible with these devices so you can switch on/off scenes with one voice command.

The app features 2 color themes:

Choose the color that suits you best or simply use the light versions during the day and the dark one in the evening to care about your eyes.

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Verzia 1.16.0

Adding devices

Add and remove devices using the app.

Controlling devices

Control devices from new views using their full potential.

Devices configuration
Rename devices, assign them to rooms, and configure favourite shutter levels.

Scenarios for a good start & end of the day
Activate and customize scenarios for shutters and blinds.

Select the start-up screen and home summary items.
Performance optimization.

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Hodnotenia: 15

Hodnotenia: 15

Pitralon ,


1. The app main dashboard design is quite archaic, when I compare it with minimalistic modern tile designs. The upper blue part of the dashboard takes 1/3 of display and is mostly empty, provides little and not very usefull information. So the left space for tiles is very small with tiny button drawings. Like for a child finger tips. Therefore I am almost not using the dashboard. 2. The Home / Rooms section is similar. Too much empty space in upper menu leaves less space for list of devices, through which you will need to scroll, since you can not sort the devices in tiles. 3. Too sensitive response, e.g. when I am scrolling through list of devices, I must be very careful, any touch will immediately mean an accidental switch on / off. Not very good if you scrolling through devices like garage gate or blinds and they immediately start reacting. 4. Siri shortcuts is the only way how you can currently automate with Apple. However, any new scene you add in HC3 will not automatically appear in Siri shortcuts list. You will first need to uninstall the Fibaro app from iPhone, then install it back and login to your HC3 and only then the new scene appears in the list in Siri shortcuts. If you add a new scene later on, you will need to repeat uninstalling and installing procedure again and again. 5. Running app background refresh does not work. Showing device status On although it has been auto-Off for hours. Sometimes switching a screen will refresh it, sometimes the app must be closed and started to see correct device status.

matejb65 ,

Nothing works

This app is an absolute tragedy. Nothing works! It is a shame because the fibaro hardware seems quite well built, but because of the really poor software execution it cannot do much.

stupi20 ,

Unable to login

After the last update I’m not able to login to the app. I receive error user auth issue.

Vývojárska odpoveď ,

Thank you for your comment. Have you tried to reinstall the app? If that doesn't help, please contact our technical support and our team will check your profile settings. Regards, FIBARO Team.

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