Gamify Good Habits

Given the chance, would you gamify aspects of your life to make them more fun? Especially those parts you’ve never grown to love, like tracking expenses, or waking up early? Now that chance is here: the following apps inject a healthy dose of play into these mundane yet essential activities and help you form a good habit.

Fortune City

Fortune City cleverly combines bookkeeping with a city-building simulator. Every time you add an entry, a building springs up from the ground as a record of your spending. The more you jot down, the larger your city becomes. Keep it up and you will be rewarded with the satisfaction of watching your little town slowly transform into a sprawling metropolis.

Accompanied by a delightful soundtrack and a cute interface, developing a habit of bookkeeping has never been more enjoyable.


The CARROT series has made a name for itself with fun graphics and cheeky jabs at its users. CARROT Fit is no different. At its core, it's a fitness app loaded with 7-minute workout routines. But the developer didn’t stop there: they added rewards to earn and a not-so-friendly AI coach who affectionately calls you “meatbag.” Charming.

Show grit and keep pursuing your weight goal, and the app may let you cheat (generously with one chip, not the whole bag). If you want to unlock more fitness functions and witticisms, you better start working up a sweat.


You’ve always wanted to become a morning person, but every night, your attempts at sleeping early are thwarted by distractions and the temptation to stay up late. Before you know it, it’s 7 a.m. and you’re hitting snooze over and over again. Save yourself from this cycle with SleepTown.

Start by setting your bedtime and wake-up time goals. Then, before hitting the sack, open the app and put your phone away. As you sleep (or attempt to), the app will construct a virtual building. If you wake up in time for your wake-up goal, the building will be constructed and ready for you to see. If you fail, by quitting the app during your prescribed sleeping hours, for instance, the building will be razed.

Every successful construction earns you coins, which you can spend on more buildings. Stick to your plans and soon your little rural paradise will flourish, and you'll get the chance to build increasingly rare buildings. The app also rewards consistency with tickets that significantly up your chances of getting a rare building. Oooh! Time to hit the sheets!