5 Apps to Look Out For

Get to know these useful top picks.

There are certain apps that become indispensable once you add them to your Home Screen, and the five below are a benchmark in their respective categories for a reason. Explore the great outdoors, record and organize your ideas, share clips from your gaming sessions, train your dog, and visually plan your life with these top picks on the App Store.


You don’t need to go far to go on a new adventure. With Komoot you can discover the best routes for hiking, running and biking in your local area. The app tells you everything you need to know about a route so you can be prepared before you go, and take notes from the Komoot community who share tips and highlights you won’t want to miss.


The most interesting ideas are sometimes fleeting. Capture them easily with Craft, no matter where you are. It makes writing and note-taking a doddle, and keeps everything organized so it’s no bother to jump back in and finish that interesting train of thought.


What a move! Record, edit and share the best moments of your gaming sessions with the social app Powder, which features a bundle of smart tools to add some extra touches to your clips. You’ll have a ball seeing other users like your posts with cool cartoony emotes.


Your dog can sit and lie down on command, but with the help of Dogo, you can go much further in their training. With easy-to-follow video tutorials, a built-in clicker and expert advice when you need more guidance, teaching your most loyal companion new tricks is sure to be a rewarding experience.


For those who feel overwhelmed by endless to-do lists and would benefit from a more visual approach to planning, Tiimo is designed for you. Through the use of colours and icons that make things more clear, the app can help you organize your life, stick to your routines, and reach your personal goals.