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Diablo Immortal

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The Lord of Terror rises again! This time he’s bringing his limitless power to your iPhone and iPad in Diablo Immortal—the mobile debut of the celebrated action-RPG franchise—arriving June 2.

Crafted by Blizzard and NetEase, Diablo Immortal sets you loose in the world of Sanctuary, which is once again threatened by massive, powerful demons. Aided by benevolent angels, you’ll battle enemies large and small while collecting epic weapons and employing fantastical abilities.

This is no port, however. Alongside an all-new story, Diablo Immortal introduces fearsome features to the beloved, action-packed formula. Here’s what to expect when the game comes to your device in June.

Baal is back! Master your powers and prepare for a ferocious fight.

New evils

Diablo Immortal is set between the events of Diablo II and Diablo III. The protective Worldstone has been shattered, its fragments scattered. Unfortunately, that caught the attention of Skarn, Herald of Terror. His goal: to lead his army across the land, using Worldstone shards to resurrect the nightmarish demon lord Diablo. Other legendary Diablo horrors turn up as well, like the Skeleton King and the Prime Evil Baal.

Classic classes

That’s where you come in. Six character classes are available at launch, each with unique powers and abilities. Perhaps you’ll exterminate giant spiders with the Barbarian’s hard-hitting Whirlwind or summon powerful Bone Golems as a shifty Necromancer. Crusader, Monk, Demon Hunter, Wizard—the gang’s all here, and each plays a crucial role.

Surrounded by baddies? Unleash a Lightning Nova—it’s electrifying!

Multiplayer mayhem

While you can certainly go solo, Diablo Immortal is a massively multiplayer online game (MMO) at heart. It might not be wise to tackle the fiercest dungeons, like the Cavern of Echoes in the Frozen Tundra, without a little backup. Cooperative play lets you take down raid bosses and score the game’s finest loot together.

Anxious to test your mettle against other heroes? Take part in a PvP faction-based war dubbed the Cycle of Strife, which includes intense Vault raids and wild 8v8 showdowns. Win and you won’t just rocket up the leaderboards—you’ll score sweet rewards and, of course, bragging rights.

And so much more

Never-before-seen locations. Controller support. A steady influx of new story lines, challenges, loot, and, yes, character classes. Diablo Immortal is built to grow.

Can’t wait to take on the demonic hordes? Pre-order Diablo Immortal to have it download automatically to your iPhone or iPad when it’s released June 2.

    Diablo Immortal

    Loot, Customize & Explore