Cake Wallet 4+

Cake Technologies, LLC

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Cake Wallet allows you to safely store, exchange, and spend your Monero, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and Haven. Cake Wallet is focused on an excellent transaction experience.

Features of Cake Wallet:

-Completely non-custodial and open-source. Your keys, your coins
-Easily exchange between BTC, LTC, XMR, ETH, and dozens of other cryptocurrencies
-Buy crypto with credit/debit/bank and sell crypto by bank transfer
-Create multiple Bitcoin, Litecoin, Monero, Ethereum, and Haven wallets
-You control your own seed and keys, including your Monero private view key
-Extremely simple interface
-Advanced privacy settings for complete control. For example, you can set the fiat API to Tor-only, or disable it completely
-Cake 2FA and other advanced security settings help you keep your cryptocurrencies safe
-Easily pay invoices in other currencies with optional fixed exchange rates
-Monero and Haven subaddresses
-Background syncing for Monero
-Supports many fiat currencies
-Create multiple accounts within wallets (for Monero and Haven)
-Address Book to save various crypto addresses
-Restore existing wallets using seed or private keys
-Restore wallets from blockheight or date for faster syncing
-Backup/Restore app to iCloud and other locations
-New BTC/LTC receive and change addresses are automatically generated
-Rescan wallet
-Add custom ERC-20 tokens
-Adjustable transaction speeds and fees
-Coin Control for BTC and LTC
-Send to Unstoppable Domains, OpenAlias, Yat, and FIO Crypto Handles
-Choose and save your daemon/node
-3 Color Themes (Light, Dark, Colorful)
-Convenient exchange and sending templates for recurring payments
-In Mandarin, Russian, Spanish, German, Hindi, Korean, Japanese, Portuguese, Ukrainian, Polish Dutch, and additional languages

and more!


版本 1.3.6

Fix Monero sending issue

App 隱私權

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