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This bundle offers 2 popular language therapy apps for a reduced price.

- Lexico Articulation for iPad is a tool to help train the pronunciation of consonants and to improve phonological awareness through flash card exercises and game play. You can practice with 22 sound programs each containing 50 to 300 target words.

Play games to find target sound positions or number of syllables in a word. Students can either play by themselves in 1-player mode or against a speech therapist, co-student, or a parent, in the 2-player mode. You need not only skill, but also a bit of luck to win against an opponent.

Lexico Articulation is highly customizable to adapt to the needs of each learner: use images, audio or text as prompts (or combine them in various ways). Select initial, medial or final positions of target sounds or narrow the selection to specific target sound blends. (The p, b, f, t, d, s, l, r, k, g sound programs contain target sound blends, including all the vocalic r's). A detailed log is used to track user progress, and can be shared by email.

Lexico Articulation was created by experienced speech pathologists, teachers and interaction designers. It is used in speech therapy for language impairment, for dysarthria or aphasia therapy and for the acquisition of reading and writing.

-Lexico-Cognition is an App to develop language understanding, vocabulary building, cognitive, memory and auditory skills in a playful way.

A simple, logical user interface and attractive images motivate even younger children to work independently. All questions are read aloud, allowing children who cannot read to use he App. For reading practice, the sound can be turned off.

All the exercises consist of a series of questions to which the answer must be found. To play, the question card must be dragged onto the right answer image.
The levels A and B are working exclusively with images - both the questions and the answers are illustrated.
In levels C, D, E and F the questions are read aloud (and shown as text). The answers are images.
Each level contains five question and answer games. Solved tasks are marked, in order to track learning progress.


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