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Versión 1.7.7

Correcciones de errores y mejoras en el rendimiento.

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4.6 de 5
8.1 k valoraciones

8.1 k valoraciones

LimaV09 ,


I’m new to this app and so far I’m enjoying it. I do have an issue uploading some of my pics! They will load all the way to the end, but they will never truly finish loading or enter the app and stay in it! The app freezes and won’t do anything else and I’ve had to close it several times! Hope you can work around this issue

Chitanian ,

Good but glitchy

I love the app but it doesn’t always work. Sometimes I submit my pictures for challenges and it appears like it’s going to load and then it goes blank and it does not load. I’ve missed out on many challenges this way. There’s like a 50/50 chance that my picture will actually submit to the challenge. And now they have those credits which was not the best route to take. Now not only do I have a 50% chance that my picture may not submit to a challenge, but if it doesn’t upload to the challenge, it still uses up my credit so then I can’t even work on another picture to upload... and there’s a section where you can watch a video a day to get a free credit a day, and when I try, it says “Unable to play video” so nothing works properly. I was hoping to just focus on this photography app but with its glitches, I’m looking back at the others I’ve used before. Their customer service has been great but they have not been able to solve my problem. I just want to compete fairly in these challenges and have a fair shot at winning and earning some cash.

PezHunter ,

Overlooking the details. Growing to fast

I have been with Agora from the beginning. Even though they have changed the app a couple times with big updates I have been with them for the long ride and liked watching them grow and be apart of it. However with the first big update I lost all my stars due to an update glitch. They were very response and corrected the problem quickly. Then when closing in on the mater level I suddenly lost over half my points again. I contacted support and they communicated with me back and forth for over two months with no fix and then closed the ticket. I still don’t have the missing points. I liked participating in this app but will delete soon if not resolved and secondly would love to sell photos on here but linking to PayPal like every other site in the world is not an option. Please fix the above and I will gladly give 5 stars.


Agora APP SL
154.2 MB
Photo & Video

Requiere iOS 10.0 o posterior. Compatible con iPhone, iPad y iPod touch.


Español, Catalán, Francés, Inglés

Clasificado 17+ por lo siguiente:
Juego y concursos o combates
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  2. Amateur Pack $1.99
  3. Professional Pack $2.99


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