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More than 5,000,000 people around the world downloaded Air Cavalry flight sim!
Get into the cockpit of the most advanced helicopters in the world, including the UH-60 Black Hawk, MV-22B Osprey, CH-47 Chinook, AH-64 Apache, UH-1 Iroquois, OH-6 Cayuse, AH-1Z Cobra, CH-53 Super Stallion, Eurocopter Tiger, Kiowa Warrior, Mi-24 Hind, Ka-50 Black Shark or Mi-8 Hip helicopter in various regional environments, building on your flying skills and experience. Enjoy infinite flight in legendary helicopters like a real combat pilot.

You will experience the flight in famous combat & rescue aircraft.
Test your precision pilot skills, combat gunner skills and your own strategy planning.

This flight sim offers well known aircraft types like Chinook, Cobra, Huey, Apache, Hind as well as super modern aircraft like Stealth-hawk, Osprey, Tiger, Kiowa and more.
Choose from 15 choppers right now.

You will fly in Afghanistan, snow environment with huge mountains, desert, Vietnam forrests, big cities or carrier ops in the middle of the ocean.

You will climb the leaderboards, unlock achievements and challenge friends.

Air Cavalry flight simulator offers next-gen console like quality graphics, ultimate physics of aircrafts and weapons.

- Join a Carrier Operations on USS Nimitz or Admiral Kuznetsov!
- Fight and rescue in Afghanistan or Vietnam!

Complete Game Center milestones and see your progress against others.

Use your flight radar and weapon systems to practice engaging buildings and moving vehicles.


- 16 aircraft (more in developement)
- Carrier Operations on USS Nimitz CVN 68
- Transport operations with CH-47 Chinook or CH-53 Super Stallion
- Apache front (gunners) and back seat (pilot) positions
- Multiple regional environments
- Refuel and rearm aircraft to continue flights
- Destroyable buildings
- Achievements via Game Center
- Leaderboards
- Realistic 3D virtual cockpits
- Realistic weapon management and targeting systems
- Realistic weapon system physics engine
- And much more in development
- iOS 12 optimization
- iPhone X, XS, XR optimization

The continuing development of our advanced helicopter flight simulator will bring new aircraft and missions, so check back often!

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We always look forward to hearing the views of our customers. You can contact us 24 / 7 directly using:

- email (
- twitter (@apache3dsim)
- facebook (
- website (


Verze 1.6.0

• NEW helicopter RAH-66 Comanche
• new missions
• new objects in Vietnam and Tropic island terrains
• new textures and some models for airbase
• new propeller animations
• new ground dust from propellers
• UH-1 main rotor moving cyclic
• Free Flight waypoint for better orientation back to the airbase
• new sound for Apache chain-gun
• iPhone XS Max, XR, iPad Pro 11" resolution support
• performance improvements
• wheel brakes force improved
• re-fueling and re-arming fix
• fuel text indicator colour changes (green, yellow, red) by amount
• Master caution switch button to mute warning sound if you are damaged
• fixed 100ft altitude crashes above water in some locations
• new missile smoke effect
• new UI buttons design
• many minor bugs fixed

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4.6 z 5
Hodnocení: 253

Hodnocení: 253

Pänżerfaust ,

Can there be a future multiplayer game mode?

Even though there is several missions for every helicopter (and there’s A lot of helicopters) I feel as if there is still something missing to this game, I think a multiplayer game mode would be great for this game, like free roam or co-op missions, or maybe even a heliborne style where you have to go against other players in a domination style gamemode, I would absolutely love this game even more! At the very least I would like to be able to play against bots. I don’t think there is enough air to air combat in this game, if any. Something I would also love is customizable helicopters, both cosmetic and weaponry, I mean, I would love to have all hellfire missiles on my Apache, and maybe community made maps and missions, this would keep the community involved with the game longer. However the game is a great simulator, I would absolutely recommend to anyone that plays air combat style games, 10/10 I think there could be so much more done to this game to improve the already amazing content given to the players.

Force1447 ,

PLEASE READ,Love it but needs more

Cars should look more realistic and there should be enemy and friendly helicopter and it also needs some more mission and helicopters and I wish there were jets and there should be trucks. Other than that I love this game and I think it's one of the best games because others are nothing like this I mean some games are puzzles and photos but this hits the spot and there should also be multiplayer do you can fly with others like gunship 3. And can you also fix a glitch that the helicopter blades don't spin right they just go back and forth and can you add the SA342 and if there was multiplayer that would be amazing.

Marksmansbeast ,

I’ve had this game since Day 1(:

I’ve had this game since the first day it was released years ago and have seen it blossom into something really amazing!(:
You released the kiowa after all of us begged for it(thanks) Now i ask that you enable us to be able to customize our aircraft with weapon loadout outs and cosmetics such as armor and camos.. also please add a fly by camera option and customizable missions since we already have open maps for free roam to make them more sand box and add multiplayer and please update your games physics it’s OK but could be a whole lot better and realistic and of course update the damage modules for when we take damage from bullets / rockets .. pleas take these into consideration from a loyal fan from day 1! And also please don’t take soo many long gaps between updates :(


Filip Kasik
860.4 MB

Requires iOS 10.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.



Rated 4+
© Real Mobile Simulation 2011


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