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Версия 4.4.1

Always backup your keys! While your coins are safe, bugs happen, and app
could sometimes lose your wallets (fixed).


* FIX: crash on ManageFunds
* ADD: marketplace for regular onchain btc wallets
* ADD: WatchApp Complication.
* FIX: Wallet gradient for Bech32 on watch app
* FIX: v3.9.8 fails to fill value #470
* FIX: Don't allow more than one leading zero


* ADD: send MAX (for BIP84 & BIP49)
* ADD: Scan to receive (lnurl spec)
* ADD: New TX status screen
* ADD: Share QRCode along with address
* ADD: Allow user to hide their balance
* ADD: KRW Fiat
* FIX: wallet selector on send view
* FIX: all data is stored in OS secure keystore
* FIX: broken LIGHTNING scheme handling
* FIX: import legacy address by WIF with uncompressed pubkey (closes #590)
* ADD: Handoff for a transaction and wallets
* FIX: QR Correctness for watch app
* FIX: Tap to copy preimage text
* FIX: Show last saved exchange rate


* ADD: bumpfee (RBF) & cancelTx (RBF) for BIP84 HD wallet
* ADD: CPFP for BIP84 HD wallets
* ADD: Electrum server configuration
* ADD: Hungarian localization
* ADD: HUF fiat unit
* FIX: receive address generation with no internet
* FIX: wait for electrum connection before fetching tx or broadcast
* FIX: Receive UI jumpiness
* FIX: iOS App crashes when scaning QR Code
* FIX: Amount when scanning was not displayed in amount UI
* FIX: ln transaction details screen
* FIX: import LN wallet with custom lndhub
* FIX: BIP84 txs with low confirmations not updating
* FIX: crash
* REF: Swedish translation updates
* REF: better initial HD rescan


* REF: faster initial HD rescan
* FIX: ln transaction details screen
* FIX: import LN wallet with custom lndhub
* FIX: BIP84 txs with low confirmations not updating
* FIX: crash
* REF: Swedish translation updates

Оценки и отзывы

4.0 из 5
Оценок: 84

Оценок: 84

Ended User ,

Simple, sturdy, always improving. 👍🏻

like this wallet alot. no fail transactions, great encryption feature, and devs are up on their game. its simple but not for noobs. if you want a fancy shmancy wallet that does all the mysterious work for you look elsewere. if you want a wallet that does exactly what you want it to, get this.

groodscom ,

Great lightning experience!

This is the first experience I’ve had with lightning and I have to say, they’ve made it very easy to use. Paying invoices is as easy as making a transaction on-chain (scanning a barcode and a couple clicks), but in seconds instead of minutes waiting for confirmation. I have also tested creating invoices and it works flawlessly.

One thing I would like to see in future versions is a way to expand the details of lightning transactions and change/add memos.

I have been playing around tipping projects here and there and reading articles on yalls. It’s an awesome technology that has the potential to fundamentally change electronic transactions in groundbreaking ways.

Brandon8800 ,

Stay away!! Not you keys, not your coin.

Any coin you keep in “your” lightning network wallet is no longer your coin. You have an ACOUNT with blue wallet where they keep a tab with how much BTC you have with them. Once your coin is in their possession there is no way with this wallet to get it back. You’d have to use yet another third party service to get your coins back on the block chain. THE WITHDRAW FEATURE DOESN'T WORK. They claim it is coming soon. They have all of your coins and they don’t let you withdraw. Sounds fishy to me.

On top of that, every time I bring this up on reddit I get harassed my their employees and who I suspect are hired advertisers. Daily harassment about my judgement for this wallet.

They are going to exit scam with thousands of dollars, just wait and see. You might only have $5 on your account but times that by thousands and they have a nice scheme going on.


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