With Chord!, you can write a song by simply dragging and dropping chords, transpose it in any key, compute the fingerings with any tuning and generate a beautiful print-ready PDF, etc.
You can also import your existing songs in text format (please note that the app does not ship with songs). You can also link audio tracks from your music library and play them at the same time while adjusting their pitch and/or speed.

Unlike other chord charts app, the app doesn't rely on a database of charts. Instead, it computes and analyses all the possible fingerings.
You don't even have to know music theory to use it: behind its brute force, the app knows how to handle by itself some subtleties of music in order to give meaningful results.

If you don't have to be an advanced player to use the app, you can however take a look under the hood and tweak the parameters if you like! Whatever is your level or your instrument, Chord! will adapt and give you the most precise answer.

You can search for any chord, split (like D/F#) or not. If you're a beginner, you can choose the chord from a list, but you can also use the intelligent keyboard to enter the chord as it is written. If this keyboard is a great way to enter chords, it is also very useful to discover and understand how the chords are formed. You can also enter some notes on a neck to find which chords it can be. You can hear how each fingering sounds. Chord arpeggios are also supported, as well as drop voicings (drop 2, drop3, etc.).

Chords are not all and the app is also shipped with the biggest list of named scales (and you can create your own scales). It analyses and presents them with nice interactive views (scale, score and keyboard). Of course it can also lay down these scales on a neck (with sound) and compute their fingerings. Like for chords, you can even search for a scale from its fingering!

Each scale can be harmonized (decomposed into chords). You can also enter a sequence of chords to find which scale you can use to improvise onto.

You can use one of the hundred tunings shipped with the app, or you can add you own ones, for any instrument, with or without a capo, even with broken strings if you want!

The app uses custom and unique algorithms to generate charts, easily input complex harmonic structures, extract chords from fingerings, determine fingers positions, compute keys of scales, generate chords from scales and find scales that go well with some chords.

For example, Chord! is the right tool in these situations:
• You want to have your songbook available at any time, in your pocket;
• You're a beginner and you want to know how to play easily a D/F# chord;
• One gave you an ukulele and you want to know how to tune it and how to play the G Hawaiian scale;
• You want to know on what scale you can improvise for some chord sequence (and the answer can be different than the Pentatonic minor!);
• You want to print your song and share it with your band.
• You want to experiment this nice open tuning, moreover with a bottleneck;
• Your little sister can't make bar chords and you want to show her how she can do without bars, with three (little) fingers only;
• You want to impress your little sister by showing her how you can play the same chords with two bars!
• You want to understand how this fingering for C13 is actually a fingering for C13;
• You broke a string and want to know how to play some chords without;
• You want to know how Django managed to play with two and a half fingers.

The app fully support left-handed instruments.

Main functions of the app:
- Write, transpose, fingerize, print and share songs;
- Search chord fingerings (or chord charts);
- Search chords from fingerings;
- Search scale fingerings;
- Search scales from fingerings;
- Search chords from scale;
- Search scales from chords.

What’s New

Version 2.6.2

• Improved scale fingerings ranking.
• Fixed an issue that prevented to edit tuning names and instruments on iPad.
• Fixed some glitches with 5 strings banjos with capos.
• Fixed some issues when reverse searching chords very quickly on iPad.
• Fixed a visual glitch when creating a new tuning.

From version 2.6.1:
• Fixed some issue when trying to export chord and scale fingerings collections as an image.
• Fixed some issue while scrolling the simple chord input list.
• Fixed some crashes at launch with iPhone 5 and iPad 4.

From version 2.6:
• Songs are now indexed by Spotlight.
• Fixed some visual glitches on iOS 11.
• Improved the ranking of fingerings.
• Removed third party usage analytics and crash reporting.
• Fixed some song layout issues.
• Added a link to the documentation in the settings.
• Improved startup time.

Please note that the app now requires at least iOS 10, but syncing still works between this update and devices running the previous version of the app.

As always, your feedback is highly appreciated. If you like Chord!, please rate it in the App Store, that helps me a lot! Thank you very much!

Ratings and Reviews

4.8 out of 5
162 Ratings

162 Ratings

DMeek78 ,

This app is the best for so many reasons

The first thing that turned me onto this app is when I saw a Sweetwater music demonstration and I saw that you could do a reverse chord & scale search. That is invaluable for those of us who don’t have perfect knowledge of theory or have every chord and scale memorized. It is so immensely helpful when I write a riff (sometimes it’s some crazy jagged odd notes I add in for a color) and I can enter the notes into this app and have it not only tell me what scale it is but also easily see all the other notes connected across the neck. That’s not even really scratching the surface here though. You can also add extra strings to your virtual guitar so regardless of what tuning or how many strings you have (Bass/ or Guitar)it will accommodate you. You can view the notes across the piano or a guitar neck as well. I’m sure other reviewer‘s have more in depth reviews, but those are the things that were the dealbreaker for me and I wouldn’t wanna have to be without this application. Thank you to the developer😉🤜🏻🤛🏻

Here-and-Now ,

Best I’ve found so far

This app works extremely well for what I need. I type out the lyrics of a song I wish to learn, then add the chords. The track I am learning from can be included and played right in the app, which is a big help in transcribing the lyrics and getting all the chord changes in the right places. There are fields to enter info like title and composer, etc. Then as I work on learning to do the song, it can be transposed if I need to fit better into my vocal range (or to accommodate my collaborator). There are more cool features that I don’t use right now, but I’m glad to know they are there when I get ready to learn more. I highly recommend this app for anyone who wants to learn and share songs. My thanks to the dev for making this app and keeping it up to date. Bravo!!

AutismMom216 ,

Wonderful app!

Well deserving of 5 stars!I’m brand new to music theory, and am very much a visual learner. This is the perfect app for someone like me, who often needs very detailed examples of self-taught subjects. Every detail of the app seems interwoven & relative. I don’t seem to get confused or needing to refer back to another part that was learned and quickly forgotten. In other words, because this app defines concepts as you see it, it’s very easy to understand and explore the material without getting lost or ahead of yourself. Sorry if I can’t explain it the best way possible, but for those that are visual learners, or perhaps have challenges with attention or memory, this is the music theory app for you!


Thomas Grapperon
29.8 MB

Requires iOS 10.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.



Age Rating
Rated 4+
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