CogniFit offers a scientific patented technology and it is recognized as a global leader in the Cognitive Assessment & Training Market. CogniFit offers scientifically validated brain fitness solutions. - Join CogniFit, an experienced and authoritative provider of digital brain training games and brain tests. We offer fun games to evaluate and train your memory in a simple and professional way.

CogniFit is a leading interactive mental game application that helps stimulate cognitive skills through personalized daily training. Compare your cognitive skills with the rest of the global population and activate your brain with brain challenges, memory games, puzzles, ingenious games, and much more!.

It includes:

- Personalized Brain Training programs designed to help exercise the brain. Mind challenges and exercises that will test your logic and genius.
- Brain games aimed at training the memory.
- Brain exercises focused on executive functions and reasoning.
- Mental challenges for attention and concentration.
- Mental agility games for coordination and planning.
- Specific brain training programs designed to help train cognitive skills associated in people who suffer some type of cognitive impairment (Dementia, Parkinson's, Memory Loss, Brain Injuries, Cancer patients, Chemo-Fog, Insomnia, etc.).
- Learning games and educational games for kids.
- Memory games for kids.
- Specific exercises and brain games for kids and adults


To evaluate and train your brain functions it is important to choose applications with scientific activities such as those offered by CogniFit. This app is created by neuroscience experts. It evaluates and trains memory, attention, concentration, executive functions, reasoning, planning, mental agility, coordination, and many other essential cognitive abilities. This simple and user-friendly app is perfect for children age 7+, adults, and seniors of all ages.

This complete neuropsychological brain game app can evaluate and train the cognitive skills of healthy individuals and can help stimulate the brain function in people who suffer some type of cognitive decline or impairment (Dementia, Parkinson's, Memory or Concentration Problems, Insomnia, Brain Injuries, etc.)

Effective technology used by the scientific community, universities, hospitals, families, and medical centers around the world.

** CogniFit Subscription Fees and Conditions **

CogniFit offers the following subscriptions:
- monthly: $19.99 per month
- yearly: $119.99 per year

These prices are valid for customers in the United States. Prices in other countries may vary and the charge to your account may be converted into the currency of your country of residence.

CogniFit membership will automatically renew at the end of each period, and your account will be charged unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24-hours before the end of the current period. You can turn off auto-renewal at any time and manage your subscription from your iTunes Account Settings, however, there will be no refund for the unused time.

Your credit card will be charged through your App Store account.

Terms and Conditions: https://www.cognifit.com/terms-and-conditions


Verzió 4.2.1

° Bugfixes to Traffic Manager

Thank you for using CogniFit. To further improve our scientific brain training application we regularly post updates to the App Store.

All application updates include improvements regarding functionality, speed, and reliability.

If you enjoy using CogniFit, please leave a review. This helps other users discover our App. If you have comments or questions, please send an email to support@cognifit.com. We'd love to hear from you.

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4.4 / 5
495 értékelés

495 értékelés

48follower ,

Really Fun Except for Two Big Glitches

Just joined for three years. Love the games but there are two games that dont work on Ipad. The first game shows words and you are to hit "OK" if the color of the letters matches the word color. Only, for Ipad/IOS, there is no OK button. I tried hitting tongs of things but get one wrong after the other. The second game is "fresh squeeze." In the tutorial, youre supposed to tap on a square and move pieces of pipe into the correct square. Only no matter how much or hard I tap, the square doesnt activate. Ive tried this on two Ipads and same on both. Game shouldnt have these types of glitches in IOS for the price. I have been back and forth with customer service 1000 times and still not fixed. The worst part is it is always part of my daily game so I either have to take a bad score or skip it and can never get to the next part. Should be an option to skip a game and go on to the next one.

BKChanteuse ,

Saved me from new mom brain!

After I had my baby, I swear I would forget my head if it wasn’t attached. I’m used to being an intelligent, articulate person, and after the baby I seriously felt like I had ephasia. But after no more than a week of playing these brain games, I started to feel more focused. My concentration improved, and I felt like I was picking things up faster. I would definitely recommend this app to anyone looking to “get their brain back”!

Fejlesztői visszajelzés ,

Thank you very much for your comment :)

Iracethewind ,

Doesn’t work well

I’ve used it five days on my iPhone. It doesn’t remember that I’ve logged in and I have to sign in every time. It doesn’t track my history correctly and shows that I didn’t train when I did. It offers only the same three games every day. I did the general cognitive assessment which was a cool experience. The controls are not great- the joystick function on the coordination game is glitchy and not intuitive. The letters are too small to select on the word game, which causes frustration and delays, and cannot possibly allow for accurate assessment. Day to day it’s not remotely competitive with other options. Too bad, I was excited about the science. Maybe it’s designed/optimized for PC and not mobile. I’ll be deleting this one and sticking with Peak and Lumosity.


133.7 MB

A(z) iOS 11.0 vagy újabb verziója szükséges. Kompatibilis készülékek: iPhone, iPad és iPod touch.


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  2. Monthy Basic 19,99 USD
  3. Subscription Monthly 12,99 USD


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