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Searching for daily classifieds, job ads, yard sales, garage sales, car sales or dating ads? CPlus for Craigslist is exactly what you need. Not only can you search for all types of classified ads but you can also search multiple cities at a time from your mobile. Search alerts will make sure you catch up with latest ads in real time. Customize your profile by marking your favorite ads and postings. Posting to sell can never be so easy.

CPlus makes Craigslist easier to use. There are a ton of added features to make browsing, searching and posting on Craigslist, smooth, effective and absolutely free.

## Awesome App, Amazing Features ##

- Notifications deliver the latest ads to you promptly (No battery drain).
- Geo-location enables you to automatically find nearby cities.
- Multiple city search for ads and classifieds.
- Multiple display modes for Search Results: Photo+description view, photo grid view, photo album view, map view and big photo view.
- Searches can be saved to start screen and avoid repetition of same searches.
- Postings can be saved to your favorite list. Also Add notes to your favorite postings.
- Update search in the result page including category, filter and sorting.
- Native in-app posting for creating new ads and classifieds to buy, sell, rent products and services.
- Renew, edit or repost your ads and manage multiple accounts from your iPhone.
- Great mobile optimization for easy readability and functionality.

CPlus for Craigslist is a Free to use app! Stay tuned to get updates and constant improvements and new features from us, regularly.

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Versión 4.6.10

Bug fixes and stability improvements

Valoraciones y reseñas

4.7 de 5
84.4 k valoraciones

84.4 k valoraciones

Cosmo7275 ,

Frustrating display of favorites

I use this app every day, but I do occasionally find it unable to find certain items. A Google search on my computer revealed a great bargain, but it had not come up in this app's search results. ( I use the "saved searches" feature extensively.) I could find it on my computer in the actual Craig's list, but not in this app even when I typed in the exact title. That has happened twice now, so I wonder what bargains I have missed.
Also, for some of my searches I am only interested in items close to me and would not bother driving farther, though I would for higher ticket items. I wish I could individually customize the search areas for each saved search. The inconvenient listing more than triples the time it takes me to review my saved favorite searches.
It would also be great if there was a setting for "show newly listed items only."
Still, I think this is a great app.

Terrible ap..... DONT BUY! ,

It’s okay....

The pictures load quick, and once my posts are complete they are easy to access and manage in my account. At first glance shopping categories look easy, but once looking around its gets hard to navigate (scrolling endlessly through sale items), and the filter system doesn’t really work most of time (not pulling newest posts, not getting location of items correct, and not bringing up relevant items set in filter). I elected to skip map feature on my posts but there’s a map on my posts anyway. I also selected to be contacted via text only, but my posts give to option for users to call me, which I don’t like at all. The page for entering new post info keeps scrolling on my screen while I’m trying to type in a field (which is cumbersome & annoying), and my posts show they were posted more than 6 hours prior to when I actually posted (when I see other people’s posts showing as more recent within an hour). Can’t find my brand new posts under “newest”, and they don’t show up for assigned location either. I have to do specific keyword search to find them, and even then it’s a 50/50 chance of my posts ever showing up. Most likely my new posts won’t get that much exposure with this app, not sure if I’ll continue using it. I’m giving this app 3 stars because if the developers take the time to smooth out these problems, it has much better potential. However, if app continues functioning this way, I will most likely decrease my rating then delete the app.

hppywow410 ,

Thee app for selling and buying. 😃👍🏼.

Thee best app for selling clutter, attic-and-basement-space-taking, and no-longer-needed items. Also including, buying your next best life changer, void replacement and cherished antique. All the while earning money for your savings — NOT . . . I mean — debt — and gaining a new found love for Mid-Century furniture, vehicles, or some job. My only beef with it though, (which I guess is not the developers fault) is sellers posting items – with their contact info – you contact them – and absolutely no response — WHILE the post is still up. Blah 😣😬! Oh well 🤷🏻‍♂️. Despite this snafu, I can safely say that I enjoy using this app even when I’m not buying anything; I just browse, similar to window shopping 📱💟. I also like that it saves your past searches automatically; that way you can re-search the exact same list with with the same set Category 🔽, Filter 🔽, and Sort By 🔽 inputs you last clicked on and re-find😅 that item you forgot to Fave ⭐️. Thanks Craigslist for awesome coding and being my go-to app for killing my time because I am always bored 😃👍🏼! Good luck Instagram trying to compete with a gem like this. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️


YanFlex Inc.
141.8 MB

Requiere iOS 10.0 o posterior. Compatible con iPhone, iPad y iPod touch.



Para descargar esta aplicación debes ser mayor de 17 años de edad
Contenido sexual o desnudez infrecuente/moderado
Acceso a internet sin restricciones
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  1. premium alert feature $1.99
  2. Upgrade to the Pro version $2.99


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