Improve your skills and become a cribbage expert! Cribbage classic has a number of settings that can help you to learn the best move for your situation and offer assistance if it notices that you are making a sub-optimal play. Or just play in fast mode where all counting is done for you and you get to simply focus on discarding and pegging. By tweaking the settings you can take this app anywhere from a lazy-thoughtless-time-waster game to a skill-sharpening-master-tutorial helping you to crush your next opponent. Statistics are also kept so you can see your average pegging score, your average hand score, and your average crib score! Also shows you a summary of all of the suboptimal plays you made at the end of the game and tracks your error rate over time so you can see yourself improving.

Cribbage Classic also has a "Discard Analyzer" bonus feature that can help you decide on the optimal discard to play given a particular cribbage hand. Analyzer shows you the minimum, maximum and average score for each permutation along with an in depth statistical analysis of all possible flip card results.

What’s New

Version 1.4.2

Bug fixes

Ratings and Reviews

4.6 out of 5
15.4K Ratings

15.4K Ratings

ShaggyDjdzvhgsb ,

Excellent game (+two suggestions)

This is an excellent cribbage game, especially since it’s free. Some reviewers claim that the game is tilted in favor of the computer, but I don’t think so. On pro level sometimes the computer gets more great hands, and sometimes I do. I’ve been skunked and I’ve skunked the Pro. Once I even double-skunked the Pro. On the Easy and Standard levels I feel like the game gives you a combination of you getting better cards, and the computer getting worse cards, in order to give you an advantage. I like the option of manually counting which is a great teaching tool. The game is great. The only things I would like to see, and this is totally personal, is an option in settings to have the computer count double-runs as double-runs, rather than as pairs plus individual runs as it does now. For example, if you have a double-run of eight, instead of counting “pair for two, run of three for five, run of three for eight,” just lift all the cards and say “double-run of eight.” The way it counts now is correct, and a great teaching tool as it breaks down the double-run into its components for the novice, but ultimately that’s not the vocabulary of the game. The other thing that would be fun to see is when a hand is worth 0 points, the computer should call it “19” points instead of 0. Both of those are super minor, but they would complete, as close as possible, the digital cribbage experience to real life.

triple65 ,

Good and fair game

The average hand is 8.1, and the average crib is 4.6. After playing nearly 3000 games, my average hand is 8.1, and my average crib is 4.6. This tells me that the game is indeed random, despite what some reviewers suggest. Additionally, it wouldn’t make sense for a developer to have the game tilted in their favor, nobody would want to play. One reviewer collected data on 15 games and claimed this was evidence of collusion since the computers hands averaged much higher than theirs. Imagine tossing a coin 15 times and getting 10 heads/5 tails. Is this evidence the coin is skewed? No! Probabilities occur over a large number of trials.

My win percentage at the pro level is 57%. Given all things are fair, I would expect the percentage to be closer to 50%. The difference? Mostly Pegging! The programmer has a flaw that I (wouldn’t say “exploit”) can take an advantage of. Additionally, having the moxie to discard points and playing the probabilities for a favorable hit card.

All in all, I enjoy the game a lot!

Saikonzack ,

Fun game but not realistic

It’s a fun game to pass the time, but it’s not realistic at all. There are far more 12, 16, 20, etc. point hands than occur in an actual game of cribbage, like ridiculously more. And as others have noted, it seems the AI’s cards are fluid and not set, so they seem to have far more scoring plays against you than is realistic. They always seem to have the card to pair you up, the card to make 15 or 31, or the card to go one more over the top of you on a pegging run. It gets annoying.
Now to rebut what a lot of people are saying as far as accuracy goes... I’ve been playing this for over 2 years and have well over 2,000 games in my statistics, and I have not once, not one single time, seen an inaccurate count. Maybe I just haven’t happened to see an error yet, but I think with over 2,000 games it would have happened at least once. My guess is that people don’t realize that in order for a flush to occur in the crib, the draw card must also be of the same suit. Also, somebody commented that an 8877 hand should always yield a minimum of 12 score, but what they are failing to recognize is that the analyzer is considering the two cards you are putting into the crib as well. So if you have an 8877 but put a k&5 into the crib, your minimum score is 10 after they collect their 2 points.


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