iPhone 截屏


Under WIFI or 3G network environment, you could monitor and manage your IPC/DVR/NVR devices anytime and anywhere.

1. Plug-and-Play, easy to use
2. Free to watch, snapshot, record and Pan-Tilt control online videos
3. Support cloud storage service and alarm message push function
4. IPC/DVR/NVR, variable network devices supported



版本 5.9.22



2.0(满分 5 分)
387 个评分

387 个评分


Notifications don’t take you to the event

So so so inconvenient and irritating that motion detected notifications/messages when selected does not take you to the recorded event. For some reason it takes you to the cloud version of it which is not supported. I have the hard drive version so I have to manually to go device section of the recording and then manually find the time the event occurred. Instead of one or two step process to view a motion notification/event, it’s an annoying 10+ step process just trying to find it. There are no bookmarks in the timeline indicating motion detections. One main use case completely not available. Please fix... it’s not hard to create a deeplink. The features are not easily accessible. Everything takes an extra 3-5 steps to do.. why is that? Design/product requirements issues? Please make it more convenient and easier to use.



I just purchased a zoohi 1tb 4 camera system. Reading a lot of reviews with the same issues i ran into. The box HAS to be hard wired to your WiFi modem in order to view the cameras on your phone. The amount of transmitting the unit can output is enough for the 4 cameras but can not reliably transmit to another source, it can only transmit the video to the actual HDMI through the box if you do not hardwire it with an Ethernet cord directly to your modem. This is not mentioned in any of the instructions and i believe they are trying to avoid saying so to avoid false advertising. If you connect the box to your router/modem, the modem is the responsible unit for transmitting directly to your phone, so long as you have access to your WiFi network on your phone via an established connection. Hope this helps anyone dealing with issues with their systems.


Ugg, it’s ok

I’ve used this for 2 years to check on one child and it’s ok, bare minimum, you can log into app and see for 10 seconds. You can talk into the microphone and hear via the microphone (though not at the same time which is trivial but annoying). This weekend I got very frustrated when I played with the picture flip button and CANNOT flip the video back, despite closing, deleting app and smacking it against my head 5 times. My son has epilepsy and I need to see him the right way when I want to, this app let me down when I needed it with a VERY simple (yet for some a lifesaving) blip

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