FREE Domino Live app - you can play domino online on your iPhone or iPad with hundreds of real domino players using a central internet domino server - GC or GameColony. Play dominoes, chat, compete and improve your skills and rating!
With Dominoes Live app you can play 3 versions of online domino games:
1. Five-up (also referred to as Muggins or All Fives)
2. Draw (or open variation)
3. Block (or closed variation)
Dominoe is a 2-player game of skill using 28 dominos where each player gets 7 or 9 dominos at start.
The goal in dominos is to be the first to get the agreed-upon number of points (100 - 500).

Five-Up Variation
In Five-Up, points are scored during the play
by making the exposed ends of the domino chain total to a multiple of five.
The winner at the end of each hand also scores points for all the pips remaining in the other player's hand. Players can select 7-bone or 9-bone hand variations.
At the beginning of a dominoes game, the hands are dealt by random shuffling of tiles and distributing 7 or 9 tiles (also called bones or dominoes) to each player.
The remaining dominoes are placed in the boneyard to be drawn from by a player when a tile cannot be played from his hand. If this is the first hand of a game, the player with double six must play it first (also see options below - random 1st hand). If no one has the double six, the call goes out for double five, then double four, and so on until one of the players can produce the called for tile. Players then take turns. In subsequent hands, the winner of the previous hand starts the next game.
The first player to use all of own tiles wins the hand in a game. Once the winning piece is placed on the chain, the hand is over and the players expose their remaining pieces to be counted in the scoring. No further plays can be made by any of the players. It is possible for the game to reach a dead end, where all play is blocked and no tiles may be played. This outcome is called a blocked or jammed game.
If a player does not have any tiles which have a number of pips that matches one of the exposed ends of the chain, that player must draw from the boneyard one tile at a time until he/she draws one which may be played.

Draw Variation
As opposed to Five-Up variation above, points are not awarded during play for making multiples of five. Points are awarded only at the end of each hand.
Each player tries to match the pips on one end of a tile from his/her hand with the pips on an open end of any tile in the chain. If a player is unable to match a tile from his/her hand with a tile in the chain, the player passes his/her turn. Each player may play only one tile per turn. If a player cannot match a tile with one in the chain, he/she must draw from the boneyard until the tile that can be played is drawn. If there are no tiles left in the boneyard, the player passes his/her turn. The first player to get rid of all dominoes wins the hand. If none of the players can make a play, the game ends in a block. If a hand ends in a block, the players turn the tiles in their hands faceup for counting. The player with the lowest total wins the hand and earns the points (1 point per pip) of all the tiles left remaining in his opponent's hand. The player who first reaches the agreed-upon number of points (100-500) or more is the overall winner.

Block Variation
This variation is similar to Draw variation above, except no player can draw from a boneyard. If none of the players can make a play, the hand ends in a block. The players turn the tiles in their hands faceup for counting. The player with the lowest total wins the hand and earns the points (1 point per pip) of all the tiles left remaining in his opponent's hand. As this is an internet domino game, Internet connection is required. WIFI connection is not strictly necessary - will play well with 3G connection. Domino Live automatically reconnects if connection is lost.

What’s New

Version 2.4.1

Stability improvements and bug fixes

Ratings and Reviews

4.1 out of 5
53 Ratings

53 Ratings

Zilla1776 ,


A great app, but keeps ruining good games because it's constantly reloading on my iPhone 5C!
I'm pulling my hair out guys!! Please repair it!

Also, can you explain why it keeps sending me to the App Store during games?!?

Guys, ever since the second to last update, my pace on app has slowed. When I place a domino on the table it takes a while to hear the distinctive sound. Same thing when I draw dominos from the bone yard....simply takes longer. It's extending my games a bit longer! Can you repair it? (iPhone 5S).

I now have an iPhone Xs, but still occasionally when an opponent’s turn has timed out I’m given the option to “abort, take the win, or wait longer”it will ANNUL THE GAME! Why?? I’m clearly pressing the “take the win” button! But it reads“game annulled” in the chat section! This is BS! I guess maybe it’s time to say good-bye to this app.

victor030710 ,

Poor system

The game itself is great, however I came to notice that if you play anyone with a higher score - they always have an outstanding hand. Unreal!!!! You have to always make sure to play someone with a less score than you. It’s very known now to most players and it’s hard to even play a game with someone that has a higher score

Update, tried playing again with someone who had over 500 points more than me. He got 6 of the same pieces on all 3 hands and locked all 3 games. Won a 200 point game with 3 locks. YOU CANT BEAT ANYONE WITH A HIGHER SCORE.

Labellevie5775 ,

A Must Have For Dominoes Lovers

I love playing dominoes. Of all the dominoes apps I have played this one is the best. I also like the fact that you have the ability to play with other people and not just against the computer/machine. It makes it exciting. This is a fun dominoes app.


BPS Software, Inc.
107.2 MB

Requires iOS 10.3 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.


English, Spanish

Age Rating
Frequent/Intense Simulated Gambling
Gambling and Contests
Infrequent/Mild Mature/Suggestive Themes
In-App Purchases
  1. Set of 2 $Tickets $2.99
  2. Set of 7 $Tickets $9.99


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    With Family Sharing set up, up to six family members can use this app.

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